Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


70. I'm Done

 Jessie and I arrive at her party. It looks like everybody had already arrived and that she's late for her own party. The outside of the building is decorated with flashing, neon lights and a big banner was pinned up on the top of the double doors saying, 'Happy Birthday Jessie' in bright pink letters. Paparazzi took notice that Jessie had arrived and starting snapping pictures, tempo rarely blinding me with the flash. I tried to cover my face because I don't really need the world knowing I came to Jessie's party. I also don't need Liam knowing before I tell him myself. I should really call him. I've been gone all day and he's probably worried. Not to mention Alli. She must be pulling her hair out, pacing around the hotel wondering where I'm at. I make a mental note to call both of them and enter the large building. The inside is completely different than I thought it would be. The outside gave it an elegant look. Somewhere you would have a wedding. The inside looks like a nightclub crowded with under-aged drinkers and sweaty people. Their are even more flashing lights inside than outside. I didn't know where to go so I just followed Jessie. I kind of fell like a puppy, following it's owner but right now, I don't know what to do. I've never been to such a large party. Niall's was way smaller than this one. I could barely push through the intoxicated people, dancing to the dubstep music. Jessie and I finally make it to a clearing and I see her sitting onto a red stool and ordering a drink. 
        "Aren't you only 19?" I ask, sitting next to Jessie. 
        "Yeah, so?" Jessie says impatiently.
        "I don't think you should...drink."
        "Does it look like I care about the law?"
        "What kind of question is that? Yes, you should take notice in the law."
        "Calm down, it's just one drink. I do it all the time."
        "Do it all the time?" I can't believe Jessie's been drinking underage. Even though it's not something she would do but Jessie still has common sense not to...
        "Would you like one?" Jessie raises an eyebrow.
        "No, no, no," I say quickly.
        "I think you need some. You're so uptight all the time. Just cut lose," Jessie receives her drink. It's pink colored on the bottom and changes into a yellow, orange color. To top it off, there's an orange slice wedge onto the lip of the glass and a tiny umbrella poking out of the drink. I think Jessie caught me observing her drink because she set it down and ordered another one. "You need one. It's just one drink and it's really good." 
        "I don't think I should," I start.
        "You're not gonna get drunk off of one drink. A sex on the beach isn't gonna kill you," Jessie says puts a fancy glass into my hand.
        "I really don't-"
        "Just drink," Jessie sighed in exasperation and swallows a huge gulp of her own sex on the beach. I never knew why alcoholic drinks have such weird names... It doesn't smell like there's alcohol in it. I give in and take just a tiny sip. I know it's wrong and I'm only 18 but, it's just one drink, right? Jessie looks behind me and runs out of her seat to go to whoever she was looking at. I turn around and see a group of people. They look like college students. I turn back around and just focus on my drink. I took it slow but the taste got to me and I ended up finishing the drink faster than I intended to. Before I new it, I was ordering another drink. I didn't feel intoxicated but I definitely felt a little less nervous. I remembered that I needed to call Liam and Alli but I pushed it out of my mind and started drinking again. I fell my phone vibrate in my clutch and I struggle to get the clip open but I manage to get my phone out and answer Liam's call.
        "Hello?" I try to make my voice normal. The alcohol from my 3rd drink is kicking in.
        "Jamie? Are you okay?" Liam says. I stifle a giggle and control myself.
        "Yeah, yeah. I'm fine," I say.
        "Is that music I hear in the background?" Liam asks.
        "I'll explain when I get back. I won't be gone much longer," I promise, even though I don't wanna put down my drink. 
        "Okay," Liam sounds unsure but I'm too occupied with getting my 4th drink to say anything.
        "I love you," I say after I slurp up some of the liquid.
        "I love you too," Liam replies and I hang up.

*Liam's POV*
        "She's at the party," I sigh after the call dropped. Something wasn't right. Jamie
        "Is Jamie alright?" Alli asks, straightening out her dress.
        "She said she's fine. I just don't know she'll be okay by the time we get there," I slipped my phone in into my back pocket.
        "Is my dress to revealing? I feel like my stomach shows too much," Alli sighed, looking at herself in the mirror and rubbing her stomach. 
        "You look perfect, babe," Louis smiled and wrapped his arms around Alli's waist. I smiled at their gesture and walked out into the lobby. I hope Jamie's okay. I just need to get to that party and take her back. I don't want something bad to happen to her. 

*Jamie's POV* 
        "I took a sip of another drink that I ordered. It's good and I feel great. Jessie had stopped by a few times to order more drinks for me. I guess I'll give one day where I'll do whatever. It's not like I'm going anywhere after this. I can still think straight but I'm very giggly and I'm definitely intoxicated. Thoughts started running through my head about Liam. Will he get mad that I'm drunk? What would he think of me? Maybe he'll be fine about it. Maybe he'll like me like this better. Carefree and crazy. I don't know why I ever made the decision to skip so many grades. I should of just rejected the offer and stayed in my own grade. What am I thinking? Skipping those grades made me who I am now. I wouldn't of been with Liam. I wouldn't of ever met him. I made the best choice ever. I will never take anything back. I snapped from my thoughts with Jessie coming over again. 
        "Another drink?" Jessie offers, waving the bar tender over.
        "No, I've had way too many. I think I'm just gonna go home," I sigh, getting up from my seat and suddenly getting sick. I quickly jerk my head around to find a bathroom. I find one and run towards it, hand covering my mouth. Once I finally reach the bathroom. I forcefully push open one of the stalls and puke into the toilet. The intensity of the alcohol pushed me too far. My head is pounding and I need to sleep. I feel so bad. I finish dumping out what I shouldn't of put into my body in the first place and wash up at the sink. I stumble out of the bathroom and groan. My head hurts and all I want right now is to cuddle up with Liam.
        "Jamie?" I hear Liam's voice. I turn my head and come face to face with him. I feel so relieved and run into his arms. He immediately wrapped his arms around me and that's when I started crying. I'm not sure why I'm crying. I just feel like shit. "What's wrong, love? What did she do to you?" Liam pulled me off of him but kept his hands around my arms.
        "She didn't do anything except convince me to drink," I wiped the tears away under my eyes. Hopefully my mascara isn't running. 
        "You were drinking?" Liam asks. He doesn't look upset with me. Just a little shocked.        
        "I wasn't planning to. She convinced me to drink one and then she kept ordering more and more," I sighed, pushing the hair out of my face.
        "It's not your fault," Liam finally said, tucking a lose strand of my hair behind my ear. 
        "Don't tell me that. It's my fault since I said yes." 
        "It's definitely not your fault."
        'I just go back to the hotel and get some sleep." I groaned rubbing my temples. The loud music isn't helping either. 
        "What the hell?" I saw Alli pushed through the people that were around us and took a look at me.
        "I know, I know. I look like crap," I sigh.
        "What happened?!" She said, hugging me tightly.
        "Jessie pressured her into drinking," Liam answered for me. I'm glad that he did since I didn't want to say another word. If I did, I would probably puke again.
        "She what?!" Alli freaked out. 
        "It's fine, let's get back," I managed to say.
        "I'm not leaving here until I talk to Jessie," Alli stomped her foot. I noticed that she dressed up. I wonder why.
        "I don't care, I'm going back to the hotel," I grumbled, stumbling towards the entrance and tripping over people's feet. 
        "You're here!" I hear Jessie say. I turn around and see her making her way towards me.
        "I never left," I sighed. "I'm going home. I can't stay any longer. I'm sorry."
        "I wasn't talking to you," Jessie shot me a glare. I scrunched up my eyebrows, confused on why she's being so rude.
        "Don't talk to her," Liam stepped in front of me, acting like a barrier between Jessie and I.
        "I wasn't planning to. I wan't to talk to you," Jessie said in a flirty voice. She got a hold of Liam's shirt and pulled him towards her. Liam's weight stopped her and he held his ground.
        "Don't," Liam warns her. 
        "Oh c'mon, it's my birthday. I think I earned you," Jessie licked her lips and looked at Liam with hungry eyes. She took another step towards us and Liam took a hold of my wrist. He had a death grip on me.
        "We're going," Liam turns and says to me. I nod and start towards the door but to be stopped once again.
        "You're not going anywhere," Jessie was now in front of me.
        "Why would you do this to me? I thought you said you weren't gonna be like this anymore," I stammer. 
        "Poor Jamie. You don't have a clue about anything, don't you?"
        "What's going on?"
        "This was the plan." Jessie smirks.
        "What plan?" I get angrier and angrier by the minute.
        "I pretended to be your friend and then brought you to my party to get you drunk. I knew Liam would come to your rescue if you were drunk and alone and I see my plan has worked." 
        "What the fuck is wrong with you?" Liam growled and pulled me back. If he didn't pull me back, I would of pulled all of Jessie's hair out. I can't believe she tricked me.
        "I seriously don't know what your problem is. Look at me. I'm perfect, I'm everything you wanted. The first time you saw me, you wanted me and I was happy to be yours but when I wanted to have sex, you would always say no," Jessie pouted. She looked a little angry now. "I was ready but you kept saying I wasn't. I wanted you, I wanted to feel you! I wanted you to be my first!" Jessie started crying. She got louder and louder and my breath kept quickening. 
        "You were 16. I was 19. I wasn't gonna take advantage of you like that," Liam sighed. 
        "I don't care how old we were! AGE DOESN'T MATTER!" She screamed. I flinched at her loud tone.
        "It's not my fault you couldn't wait for a couple of years!" Liam shot back. I gave him a look. What did he say?
        "I told you I was ready and I needed you!" Jessie cried.
        "You couldn't wait so you went and cheated on me! I loved you and then you broke me!" Liam screamed in her face. "We could be together right now. I could of satisfied your needs but no, it's ruined because of you! I want you! I miss you!" I gasped. He seriously didn't say that right now. I looked down at Liam's hand tightly wrapped around my wrist. I jerked my hand away. Liam's head snapped around to me and he saw me crying. The mad look on his face was replaced with a soft one. "Jamie, I didn't mean it that way," He started.
        "Why would you say that?" I feel the tears on my face falling onto my dress.
        "I was just mad. I didn't mean it, I swear," Liam tried coming closer to me but I backed up.
        "Stay away from me," I say.
        "Jamie, I love you," he grabs my hand.

        "I can't," I stare down at Liam's hand around mine. "I'm done," I pull my hand out of his and head back towards the door. I hear Liam calling my name but the boys stop him from getting to me. I could hear Alli's heels clicking behind me. After I get out of the door and walk half a block, I finally turn around and wrap my arms around her. I know she was following me. I cried into her shoulder, not caring about the makeup being smeared on my eyes. She rubbed my back and tells me it's okay. I cry and cry and cry. I don't know what else to do. All I can do now is cry.
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