Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


59. How Could I Say No

"WAKE UP SLEEPY HEADS!" Louis shouted. I jerked awake and got pushed off the bed.
        "Ow," I muttered, hitting the carpet hard.
        "Jamie? I'm so sorry. Are you okay, love?" Liam quickly climbed out of bed to help me up. I fell on my hip, where Anthony pulled me down.
        "My side," I groaned. 
        "I didn't mean any harm," Louis quickly said and walked out of my bedroom.
        "Let me see," Liam tried turning me but I stopped him.
        "No, it's fine," I slowly got up. Liam made a swift move to turn me around and saw the large bruise on my hip.
        "Did I give you a bruise?!"
        "No, it wasn't you," I sighed.
        "Who did this to you?!"
        "Last night, when Anthony got a hold of me, he pulled me onto a chair and I landed wrong, causing my hip to take the impact,"
        "Are you sure you're alright?"
        "It's just a measly, little bruise,"
        "It doesn't look little to me," Liam was right, it was pretty big for a bruise.
        "It'll go away," I made an attempt to smile and brush it off but Liam looked like he wasn't gonna let this one slide. He got some clothes out of his bag and went into the bathroom to change while I went into the walk in closet. I chose an outfit and waited for Liam to get out of the shower. While he was still in there, I took my phone off of the charger to see that it was 10 A.M. Wow, haven't slept till this late in a while. I decided to check twitter. I had so many more followers and so much nice tweets, it made me want to cry of happiness. Their were the occasional rude and mean tweets but, I learned not to pay attention to those. Liam came out of the bathroom to see me smiling at my phone.
        "What are you smiling at?" Liam sat next to me on the bed.
        "Oh, I'm just reading some nice tweets," I favorited one and retweeted it also.         
        "It's nice to see that you're reading nice comments instead of bad ones,"
        "It's definitely nice to read things that don't drive you suicidal," I said, seriously. I grabbed my clean clothes and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. After drying my body off with a soft towel, I put on my clothes, did my hair, and put on some makeup. I was too lazy for contacts so I put on my good old glasses. I slipped on the bracelet Liam gave me yesterday and went into the kitchen to see Alli flipping pancakes. "Want some help?"
        "Yes please!" Alli sighed in relief. She was never that good at making food so I was the one who made food around here. I grabbed some bacon out of the refrigerator and heated up a pan while flipping the pancakes Alli was making before. She gave up and waited for the food to be ready on the couch. I could see her rubbing her tummy and smiling when Louis would talk to her two babies. Keeping the two genders from Alli and Louis is pretty hard. Every moment of the day, I want to slip up and tell them. They want it to be a surprise though so I'm trying my best not to open my mouth.
        "Food's ready!" I yelled so the boys would come sit at the table. I grabbed 6 plates and loaded them each with two pancakes and a few pieces of bacon. I set the plates on the table along with some silverware, maple syrup, butter, 6 glasses, and a pitcher of homemade orange juice.
        "Smells amazing, love," Liam kissed me on the cheek and sat down.
        "I'm starving!" Niall sat next to Harry.
        "Ditto!" Alli sat next to Louis. I took my seat next to Liam and we all dug in. Too bad Zayn and Perrie weren't here to eat my yummy breakfast. 
        "Alli, Jamie has something to ask you," Liam spoke up. I looked at him, confused. Then I remembered.
        "Oh, um, Liam was wondering if we can join them in Pasadena," I asked, secretly hoping she would say yes. She took another bite of the piece of bacon in her hand. There was a pause.
        "I already called up Zayn and he said that would be fine. I talked to the Niall, Harry, and Louis too. I even called up management," Liam said. Alli still didn't say anything.
        "Alli?" I put down my fork.
        "How could I say no?" Alli smiled.
        "Are you sure?" I asked.
        "I'm positive," Alli finished up her food and put her dished into the sink. Everyone followed, doing the same thing and I was smiling in excitement. I can't wait to be there for the boys. 
        "We'll be in Pasadena for 3 days. Is going home on the 14th okay for you?" Liam started washing the dishes. I grabbed a towel to dry them.
        "Yeah, that's fine," I smiled.
        "Shit!" Alli yelled from the living room.
        "What's happening? Are you okay?!" I panicked as Liam and I rushed into the living room. "Is it your babies?!"
        "No! I totally forgot I was supposed to start my 3rd year of college on Monday! Why didn't they call?!" Alli yelled once again.
        "I guess you just forgot since you have the babies and Louis was here to visit you," I sat next to Alli. 
        "I honestly think I'm done with school," Alli sighed.
        "Do you really wanna...quit?"
        "Jamie, I'm gonna have twins, I'll be married. I don't think I can juggle all those things and go to school at the same time,"
        "Do you want me to call the college?"
        "Please?" Alli looked at me. I nodded and headed into my bedroom to call her college. After an hour long phone call about refunding Alli's money and returning her textbooks, Alli was officially not a student at Purdue University anymore. I went back into the living room to see Liam and Harry playing with the PS4, Niall cheering them on, Louis talking to Alli's belly, and Alli smiling and Louis.
        "You're officially out of college," I said to Alli. 
        "I hope you're not disappointed at my decision," Alli looked upset.
        "I'm not disappointed. It's your life and you're living it. I'm happy with your decision. If I were in your shoes, I would've done the same thing,"
        "Okay," Alli got up and gave me a hug. I felt tears hit my shoulder.
        "Why are you crying?" I looked at her face.
        "I don't know," Alli giggled.
        "You're so weird," I chuckled and hugged Alli again. 
        "Aw," Louis said in a little kid's voice. Alli rolled her eyes playfully at him. 
        "Should we start packing?" I asked Alli. Alli nodded and we headed into our rooms. I grabbed a small suitcase out of the closet and packed it with some summer clothes. I grabbed a cardigan and a pair of skinny jeans just in case it gets chilly. After all, it's already September. I packed some makeup, bathroom necessities, and squeezed some of my shampoo into a travel bottle along with conditioner. I also packed my curler since I new Alli would pack her straightener. I went back into my bedroom and pulled my phone charger out of my wall, shoving it in the side pocked of the suitcase. I picked out a pair of my Keds and a set of heels and also put those in my suitcase. After checking I had everything I needed, I rolled my suitcase into the living room. Seeing that Alli wasn't there, I headed into her bedroom. "Still not done?" I watched her  stare at two outfits.
        "I can't decide," Alli said. "You pick," Alli set the two outfits on her bed.
        "Hmm," I looked at the two outfits carefully. They were both adorable. "This one," I picked up the outfit on the right. "You know what they say, the right is always right," I handed the clothing to Alli. She giggled and folded her clothes, putting them in her suitcase. Alli packed some things from her bathroom and as I expected, she packed her straightener. I carried Alli's suitcase downstairs and put it next to mine. I looked at the clock above the couch to see that it was 11:30. The flight is at 3 so we have some time. "Does anybody want to do something fun?" I piped up.
        "This is fun," Louis said, playing on the PS4 since it was his turn. 
        "I meant something we all can do," I put my hands on my hips. Niall accelerated on the game and won this round.
        "And we can all do this," Niall handed me the remote control. 
        "Uh, no," I pushed the controller back to him.
        "Why not?" Louis whined.
        "I don't play video games," 
        "Why not?" Louis whined again.
        "Cause I don't either," Alli joined in.
        "Fine, what do you want to do?" Louis got up off the ground.
        "We can fly my quadcopter," Liam suggested. 
        "I never got to try that out!" It was true, everybody but me got to try it out.
        "Then what are we waiting for?" Alli said. She was obsessed with the quadcopter. Maybe I should get her one for her birthday. Liam grabbed his quadcopter along with the remote that goes with it. I can't lie, I'm excited.
        "Who wants to go first?" Liam asked. Alli's shot up faster than Louis'. 
        "Aw man," Louis fake whined. I giggled as Liam handed Alli the remote. Like a pro, Alli brought the quadcopter up into the air and flew it around the vacant street. 
        "That's so cool!" I said, watching the quadcopter zoom up and down the street. 
​        "It even lands itself," Alli pressed a button making the quadcopter land safely on the ground all by itself.
        "Can I try?" I asked Liam. He nodded and Alli handed me the controller.
        "I need one of these!" I laughed as a flew the quadcopter around the street, trying to avoid the trees. 
        "You can use it whenever you want," Liam smiled. I safely landed the quadcopter on the ground. Louis went next, then Niall, then Harry. We were flying that quadcopter up and down the street until 2 P.M. rolled around. Everybody got back inside and grabbed each of our luggage bags. A black SUV pulled up in front of Alli's house to pick us up and drive us to the airport. Alli locked the front door and we all piled into the car. I sat next to Liam and strapped on my seat belt. I'll never get tired of going to another city and attending another concert. It's my favorite thing besides seeing Liam everyday.

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