Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


24. Don't Scare Me

*Liam's POV*
        I watched Jamie, laying on the hospital bed. She's been in a coma for 3 months now. I've been by her side for the whole time. Louis convinced Alli to go back to college. The boys stayed in a hotel and I refused to let go of Jamie's hand. The only times I've been at the hotel is to take a shower. Harry and Niall had to drag me back all those times. Management wanted us to go back to the UK to continue with our jobs but I couldn't. I wouldn't leave Jamie's side. 
        "I think you should go home and get some rest," I heard a nurse say from the doorway. I've been sleeping in the exact same chair everyday Jamie's been here. 
        "No, I'm fine," I mumbled, not taking my eyes off of Jamie.
        "Are you sure? Do you want any food?" 
        "I'm good, thank you," I said. I heard somebody walk in and set something on the small table beside me. 
        "Mate, eat something." I heard Zayn say. 
        "I'm not hungry,"
        "You didn't eat anything for the whole day. You're starving yourself," I gave up and took a few bites from an apple then set it back on the tray. 
        "The whole thing, Liam," Niall said, plopping down on another chair. I picked up the apple again and ate half. Then, I felt something. In my hand, I felt something move. I put down my apple and looked down. Jamie's hand was holding mine back.

*Jamie's POV*
        I felt a hand in mine. "Jamie?" I heard Liam say. I slowly opened my eyes to see that I'm in a hospital bed with Liam was sitting next to it, enveloping my hand with his. Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Harry were all standing either on the opposite side of Liam or by the foot of the bed. 
        "What am I doing here?" I asked, confused. I saw the cast on my leg. "What happened?"
        "Jamie! You're up! Do you remember anything?!" Liam said. "Harry, go get the doctor," Harry rushed out the door.
        "Do you remember anything Jamie?" Niall spoke up. 
        "No? How did I get here?" I was so confused.  
        "Ah, Jamielyne. You're back," a doctor walked in, looking at his papers. 
        "What do you mean I'm back? Can somebody please tell me what's going on?" 
        "You got into a car crash and broke your leg. Do you remember anything that happened?" The doctor said after looking at his paper.
        "I um, was driving back to my apartment after dinner with my friend Alli. Where is she?" 
        "You were in a coma for 3 months, Miss Garder,"
        "I was in a...coma?" Did I really miss 3 months of my life?
        "Any chance you took an overdose of pills before the incident?"
        "No, I only went out to eat. Why?"
        "Your blood tests came back saying you had an overdose of allergy pills,"
        "I never took any pills," I said confused. Wait, that weird flavor in my drink and food. Was that the pills?
        "We'll do some more testing. You should stay overnight for observation but, you con go home in the morning. You should eat something too," He smiled and walked out. 
        "I'll go get you some food," Niall walked out the door.
        "I'll call Alli," Louis walked out after. Zayn and Harry followed to give us privacy.
        "Do you feel okay?" Liam said, still holding my hand.
        "Other than my leg, I feel fine," I sighed.
        "I'm so happy that you're okay. I've been here by your side every second. When I found out that you were here, I took the earliest flight to here. The boys wanted to come with,"
        "Weren't you supposed to be in the UK for your music video?" 
        "I'd rather be here with you," he leaned closer and kissed me. "I missed you,"
        "I missed you too," I whispered in his ear as Niall walked back in and set a tray in front of me. I'm starving. That probably because I haven't eaten for 3 months. After I finished everything on the plate, Alli ran in. 
        "JAMIE! DON'T YOU EVER SCARE ME LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN!" She yelled, crying.
        "It's nice to see you too," I said.
        "When I tell you to drive safe, I mean, DRIVE SAFE," she rushed over to me and pulled me in for a hug. I smiled and tried comforting her.         
        "I'm sorry Alli," A tear slipped from my eye.
        "I'm just happy that you're back," 
        "I'm happy that I'm back too," she pulled out from the hug and wiped her tears away. We talked about what happened in the last 3 months for the rest of the night even though the boys didn't do anything but wait in the hospital for me. "I feel so bad for keeping you guys from work. You waited for me to wake up for 3 months,"
        "We decided that by ourselves. It's not your fault," Liam said. "Do you remember taking any pills?"
        "No but, the restaurant Alli and I went to. The drink and food tasted weird," I said.
        "That's why you asked me if my drink tasted weird!" Alli spoke up.
        "Yeah, I guess..."
        "I'm so suing that restaurant,"
        "Alli, just drop it,"
        "No! I'm not gonna drop anything! The waitress drugged you causing you to go into a coma and break your leg! It's her fault!"
        "She's right," Liam said.
        "Let's just deal with this after I get out of here. I'm kinda tired," I said. Liam pulled the blankets up to cover me and I drifted off to sleep.

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