Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


60. Decision Making

*Liam's POV*

        "HARRY!" the paparazzi along with fans screamed. "LIAM! OVER HERE!" I held Jamie close and she tried covering her face with her hand. "JAMIE! LOOK OVER HERE! ALLI! NIALL! LOUIS! ZAYN!" Our names were being shouted from left to right. Zayn met us at the airport to join our flight but Perrie stayed in Chicago since she had a performance there. We finally reached the SUV.
        "I forgot about the madness," Jamie said as she sat next to me.
        "It's always pretty intense. I'm still not used to it," I put my arm around Jamie. I sighed and leaned back, waiting to get to the hotel room.

*Jamie's POV*

        "I missed hotel rooms," I said as she unlocked the door to our hotel room. "Bed test!" I ran into the hotel room, jumping onto the bed, belly first.
        "Soft?" Liam smiled as he brought our suit cases into the room.
        "So soft," I sighed into the blankets. Liam then plopped down on top of me.
        "Hm, I don't know. I think it's pretty lumpy," Liam pretended that I wasn't under him.
        "Leuuuuuuuuum," I whined, trying to push him off of me.
        "Are you sure this bed is soft?"
        "Oh! You're down there!" Liam finally got off of me and pulled me up with him.
        "You're such a kid." 
        "I thought I was Daddy Direction," 
        "The rest of the boys are rubbing off on you," Liam chuckled and gave me a hug.
        "How about some dinner?" Liam suggested. 
        "That sounds great," I smiled and we headed downstairs. A SUV drove us to a small restaurant and we got a table without anybody noticing us. We ate and when we got out of the restaurant, the usual paparazzi was there. Luckily, Liam and I got to the SUV safely and the driver drove us back to the hotel. When we got inside, I headed straight to Alli's to see how she was doing. Plus, I got her some food as well. I knocked on the door and Louis answered.
        "I have food," I flashed a smile and held up the decorated paper bag that the restaurant has put the food in.
        "Did I hear food?!" Alli said from the bed she was laying on. Louis graciously let me in. "I'm dying of starvation."
        "I've come to the rescue," I handed the bag to Alli and she dug through it vigorously. 
        "You know me so well," Alli held a hand over her heart. I got her Chicken Alfredo and also brought her an Iced Vanilla Macchiato and two slices of Chocolate Cinnamon Bread. Of course, since I'm nice, I got something for all of the boys as well. I handed Louis his Classic Coffee Cake and Iced White Chocolate Mocha while Alli ate her food. "Best friend, right here." Alli pointed to me.
        "I thought I was the best," Louis fake pouted after taking a bite of his cake.
        "You're the best fiance," Alli corrected. I giggled and said goodbye since I needed to deliver the rest of the drinks and pastries I have to the boys. I reached Niall and Harry's room. 
        "Room service!" I called out, knocking gently.
        "Coming!" Niall opened the door quickly but his face was saddened when he saw me.
        "Why so sad?" I gave him a fake pout.
        "I thought I was getting free food."
        "Well you are," I lifted up the Starbucks bags and coffees in my hand.
        "Coffee, coffee, coffee!" Niall said very fast and excitedly. I giggled and went into their room, setting down the bags along with the carrier for the drinks. I gave Harry an Iced Caffe Latte and a Blueberry Scone while Niall dug into his Iced Skinny Flavored Latte and Double Chocolate Chuck Brownie. I giggled as Niall scoffed down the brownie in 3 bites. It wasn't just an ordinary sized brownie either, it was jumbo sized. 
        "I should've gotten you two," I teased Niall.
        "Well, next time you know," Niall winked. I giggled and said bye as I headed to my room.
        "You know you didn't need to buy them that," Liam pulled me into the hotel room. 
        "Careful! You're gonna spill my drink!" I took a sip of my Shaken Iced Green Tea.
        "I have a surprise for you," Liam pulled me towards the bedroom part of our room.
        "A surprise? Don't you think I've had enough surprises to last a lifetime?" 
        "Their are never enough surprises in life. Put this on," Liam handed me a blindfold. I set down my Starbucks and put on the blindfold, careful not to mess up my makeup. Liam slowly guided me to the bed. "Okay, you can take the blindfold off now," I pulled the blindfold off of my head and came face to face with a beautiful dress. Beside it were heels, hair accessories, and jewelry.
        "What's this for?!" I ran my hand down the soft fabric of the dress.
        "I meant, what am I supposed to wear this for?"
        "If you're okay with it, you can perform a song at our three concerts here."
        "Wait? What?!"
        "Only if you want to."
        "I mean, that's kinda a late notice," I wasn't ready to perform in front of so many people again. I've done it before but I was just caught up in the moment. Plus, it wasn't at a venue that was extremely big. 
        "Please say yes? I'll sing with you," Liam pleaded.
        "What am I supposed to sing?" I said hesitantly.
        "Anything you want."
        "I'll have to think about it."
        "You have to make up your mind by tonight. No later than midnight," I looked up at the clock on the wall above the bed to see that it was almost 11.
        "I don't know, Liam,"
        "It'll be fun." Liam smiled. I have to admit, it was pretty tempting.
        "Fine," I blurted out. Am I really ready for this?

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