Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


45. Congradulations

"Wait," Louis paused. "What?"
        "I'm pregnant," My smile slowly turned into a frown. 
        "You're not joking with me right?" he looked serious.
        "No, Louis. I'm not joking with you,"
        "So you're really pregnant?"
        "Yes, I'm really pregnant," Did Louis not want a baby? I couldn't tell what expression was on his face.
        "That's..." he started, "great!" his face instantly lightened up.
        "Really?!" A smile crept onto my face.
        "When did you find out?"
        "Just today," 
        "How long?"
        "1 to 2 weeks,"
        "That's amazing! We're gonna have a son or daughter!"
        "I'm happy that you're excited,"
        "Excited? I'm Ecstatic!" He smiled and we headed back to the hotel to spread the good news. 

*Jamie's POV*
        When Liam and I came back to our hotel room, we ordered room service. After a few minutes of waiting, I heard knocking from the door. 
        "Room service!" the person called out from the other side of the door. I opened it to see the worker and a cart with different varieties of foods. He rolled the cart inside of our hotel room.
        "Thank you," I smiled and handed him a tip. He gave me a smile and headed out of the room.
        "Finally, I'm starving," Liam said, getting up from the bed. We ordered hamburgers and french fries for the main course. For dessert and a snack, we ordered chocolate ice cream, a piece of lemon cake to share, popcorn, cookies, cherry pull n' peel licorice, and coconut chocolate. We decided we would pig out just for tonight. Liam wanted to spend time with me so I agreed. When we were finishing our ice cream, I heard a knock on the door. 
        "I'll get it," I said, getting up from the bed. I opened the door to see the boys and Alli. 
        "Can we come in?" Alli asked.
        "Sure," I held open the door. "Is everything okay?"
        "I told him," Alli whispered in my ear. 
        "What?! This soon?" I whispered back. 
        "I'll explain to everyone but Louis and I have more news," I nodded and took my place next to Liam on the bed again. Niall, Harry, and Zayn sat in the empty seats around the room. Louis and Alli stood in front of us all.
        "Louis and I have big news," Alli started. Their was a pause before Louis started talking.
        "We're getting married!"
        "You're what?!" everybody said at the same time.
        "I'm engaged!" Alli held up her left hand.
        "That's amazing!" I said, getting up to hug her.
        "Now I'm not the only person that's engaged in the band," Zayn smiled.
        "And, I'm pregnant!" Alli said.
        "Congratulations!" everyone said at the same time again. We talked about the engagement and the soon to be born baby. Niall was eating our food the whole time. It was 11 P.M. when we finished talking and everybody left our hotel room to get some sleep. We decided that Alli would go back home after we go to Paris and I'll go home to take care of her. We're bummed out that we con't go on the whole tour but when One Direction's in Chicago, they're gonna spend some time with us. After Liam and I cleaned up and changed, we fell into a deep sleep.

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