Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


18. Christmas!

*Jamie's POV*
        I wake up with bright lights. I struggle to see and blink quickly to adjust to the brightness. "Where am I?" 
        "Jamie! You're up! We're at the hospital," I hear Liam's voice.
        "Why are we here?" finally being able to see things.
        "You passed out when we were running from some fans," Liam exclaimed. I see Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Alli all standing or sitting in the small room. 
        "Why did I pass out?" I said, rubbing my head. 
        "The doctor said lack of food and since you were running, you pushed your body too hard," 
        "Oh..." I reached for my phone on the side table. Unlocking it, I saw that it's late but still Christmas eve. "When am I gonna leave?" 
        "The doctor said that as soon as you wake up, you should eat and then you can leave,"
        "Okay," I said as I felt the pain of hunger kicking in. Zayn went to get a nurse and she came in with a tray of food. I ate it without hesitation. Even though hospital food isn't the best, I ate all of it.
        "Please don't starve yourself again," I heard Alli say as I finished up the last piece fruit.
        "I promise," I said, smiling. The doctor came to release me and Liam carried me to the car, even though I said I was totally fine. "Daddy Direction's being a little over protective, don't you think?" I teased.
        "I'm being the most protective as I can," he replied, smiling his irresistible smile. We finally got home. The rest of the boys and Alli went back to their homes. "Are you tired?" 
        "Actually,no. I slept half the day Liam," I giggled.
        "Let's watch a movie then," Liam suggested, pulling out Finding Nemo. I nodded and we settled on the couch after getting in our pajamas. Mid-way through the movie, I got too comfortable and fell asleep. 
        "Jamie," I heard Alli, whisper.
        "Alli? What are you doing here?" I asked, seeing her in her pajamas
        "Guess what day it is?" she said a little louder. 
        "What?" I said, burying my head under the covers. 
        "IT'S CHRISTMAS!" I hear the boys yell from the doorway. I uncover myself and finally get out of bed. 
        "Merry Christmas guys," I smile. I follow Alli out to the living room to see 7 cups of hot chocolate. 
        "You're favorite," Liam smiles. Not caring what the people said about me being fat on twitter, I drank the hot chocolate. 
        "PRESENT TIME!" I hear Louis yell. Everybody's still in their pajamas and it's just like Christmas when I was little. Bringing back memories, I try not to cry. Alli hands me her present first. 
        "Do you like it?" she asks, hoping for the right answer.
        "I don't...I love it!" I reply while putting the phone case with the word friend on my phone. Everybody ended up giving me my presents first. I loved what NiallHarryZayn, and Louis got for me. Liam said he would give me his present at the end. I handed the boys their presents. Then I gave Liam his. Finally, Alli got hers. After exclaiming how much they loved their presents, Liam handed me the present he bought for me. "What's this?" I said after I tore the wrapping paper off, revealing a medium sized box.
        "Do you like it?" 
        "I love it," I said, smiling. I opened the second box to find a new Iphone. 
        "Liam, I can't accept this," I started.
        "Well you kept complaining how much the crack on your phone bothered you so I figured, why not?" Liam said back.
        "I have a phone plan that doesn't end for another year. Liam, you have to take this back,"
        "Me being who I am, I convinced them to change it now. It's ready to use," I didn't have anymore words so all I did was hug and kiss him.
        "Thank you," I whispered into his ear. Good thing that all of my new cases fit the new phone. I gasp as I see the last present. 
        "It's a promise ring," Liam said.
        "It's beautiful," I exclaim, slipping it on my ring finger. "I love it," Liam pulled me in for a kiss.
        "Get a room!" yelled Louis, joking of course.
        "Well, it is my house," pointed out Liam. Louis muttered a dang it but said it loud enough for us to hear. Everybody laughed. After all of the wrapping paper was cleaned up, we settled on watching a Christmas movie. During the movie, I saw Louis and Alli sneak a kiss.         
        "Ooooo, I didn't know you guys are dating!" I yelled suddenly which made everybody jump. 
        "It's a Christmas miracle," smiled Alli, kissing Louis again for everybody to see. After dealing with the hype of the new couple, we continued watching the movie. After Santa Claus 1, 2, and 3, Liam flicked on the news to see that it's about us again. 
        “Liam Payne and Jamielyne Garder caught on Christmas Eve at a fair kissing? Is this the start of a new couple or are they friends with benefits? The brunette suddenly passes out while running away from fans with Liam. Is it just me or is she also a little pale in these other pictures? I don't think I'm the only one that thinks she's starving herself. She was released from the emergency room a few hours after this incident. Stay tuned for the news with Miss Blondie and Louis Tomlinson. 
        Liam doesn't seem affected at all and leans in to kiss me. I feel relieved that he's not mad about what they said about me starving myself. The rest of the day consisted of more Christmas movies and more hot chocolate. It's the best Christmas I've had in forever.

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