Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


65. Can't Forget

*Jamie's POV* 

        This Saturday, we gon' party all night
I don't want this Saturday to end
This Saturday, we gon' party all night
I don't want this Saturday to end

        Liam and I sang the rest of 'Saturday'. It was the next day and I was trying my hardest to be happy and to forget about what had happened last night. I gave one last smile and walked towards Alli who was watching from the side of the stage. She smiled widely and gave me a hug. I smiled back and was satisfied with my performance with Liam. I felt more confident today than I did yesterday. I let go of Alli and saw someone look at me then leave the venue. Before the strange person went out the door, he turned around, showing his face. It was Logan. I gave a small gasp and he turned right back around to bolt out the door. Why was he here?
        "Are you alright?" Alli asked me, concerned about my expression. I haven't told her about what happened last night and I honestly don't want to. She would ruin Logan. Alli's like an over protective mom sometimes even though she's younger than me. Only by a couple days though. 
        "I thought I saw something," I said under my breath.4

        "Anyways, you did amazing! As always!" Alli congratulated me.
        "Thanks," I gave her my best smile and went to sit on a couch. 

*Alli's POV* 
        I followed Jamie over to the brown, leather couch. Jamie didn't seem like herself. She seemed, tense, like when you try really hard to remember or forget something. What happened to her? She didn't engage in conversation and when I tried to start one up, she avoided it. There's something she's not telling me. 
        "Hey, love," I heard Louis' voice say from behind me. I got up and gave him a light hug. He was sweaty and I didn't want to get...wet... "I should get changed, shouldn't I," Louis saw my attempt not to get sweat on myself.
        "Definitely," I giggled. He nodded and the rest of the boys followed Louis into the dressing room. Liam gave Jamie a quick peck on the lips before going. She still looked off. "Do you wanna go shopping tonight for Niall's birthday tomorrow?" I tried to lighten the mood. Shopping has always been one of Jamie's favorite things to do. 
        "Sure," Jamie said with no enthusiasm. 
        "I'll tell the boys," I sighed. I opened the door to the dressing room slowly just until I could peek my head into the room. I poked my head into the dressing room and saw Louis and Zayn in their underwear along with the rest of the boys with their shirts off. "Jeez!" I said loudly before jerking my head back but keeping the door open just a crack. 
        "Alli? Is that you?" Louis voice carried through the large room.
        "Uhm, Jamie and I are gonna skip dinner tonight if you don't mind. We have some serious shopping to do," I said, still shielding my eyes even though I was behind the door.
        "That's fine. Why are you behind the door?" he asked like he was clueless.
        "You're half naked!"
        "It's nothing you've never seen before, love." 
        "I'm not interested to see 5 boys half naked." I giggled.
        "Okay, okay. Have fun!" Louis said just before I closed the door all the way. 
        "C'mon," I took Jamie's hand when I got to the couch. I pulled her up and dragged her to the SUV waiting for us at the back of the venue. 
        "Stop going so fast," Jamie whined.
        "I'm not even running! Not even close to speed walking either!" I turned around to face Jamie. 
        "I'm tired. I think I'll just order something online for Niall."
        "And how is it gonna get here in less than a day?" I crossed my arms.
        "It's called Amazon Prime," Jamie shot back, aggravated with me now.
        "Just get in the car," I brought out my demanding side and she obeyed, giving an eye roll. When we got settled into the SUV, I faced Jamie. "What's going on with you," I asked her seriously. She didn't answer. All Jamie did was stare out the window. "You can't stay silent forever."
        "It's nothing of your concern," Jamie said coldly. 
        "Why are you acting this way? It's like you're suddenly a different person!" I yelled.
        "Why don't you leave me alone!" she shot back. I raised my eyebrows at her. Jamie can have her boiling points but she never acts like this. 
        "Take us to the hotel, please," I said quietly to the driver, he nodded and started driving to the hotel. I didn't want to continue the conversation in the car where the driver could hear us. For the rest of the ride back, we were silent while I gave Jamie the death stare. She never talks to me like this, not even on our worst fights. She's always the subtle one, trying to stop the argument. Now she's the one who's starting it. When we finally got back, Jamie jumped out of the SUV quickly and took the stairs. I sighed and didn't bother to follow her so I took the elevator. I went inside and waited for the ding to signal that I was on my floor. When the doors opened, I saw Logan. He looked kind of...shoked. "Hey!" I said, giving him a small hug.
        "You're not mad at me?" Logan asked confused.
        "What? Why would I be mad at you?" What was going on? 
        "Uhm, no reason..." he trailed off. Why is everybody acting so weird?
        "No, you have to tell me what's going on," I pulled him into the elevator and pushed the 'close' button. After the doors closed, I pushed the emergency stop button. 
        "What are you doing?!" Logan said, panic in his voice.
        "I'm not letting you out until you tell me what's going on," I stared him down.
        "Jamie didn't tell you, huh," he looked down at the ground.
        "She's been acting so weird. What are you two up to?" 
        "I don't think you should hear this from me."
        "Jamie's not gonna say anything so you better confess." Their was a slight pause and then Logan sighed, looking back at me.
        "I kissed Jamie last night."
        "YOU WHAT?!" I screamed in his face.
        "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it..." 
        "YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT YOU KISSED JAMIE ON ACCIDENT?! I find that VERY hard to believe that you 'accidentally' kissed my best friend who obviously has a boyfriend!"
        "It doesn't matter because Jamie already accepted my apology along with Liam."
        "I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE YOU DID THIS!" Logan kissed Jamie! She's been waiting for him to ask her out since forever but the one time Jamie has a decent boyfriend, Logan wants her! 
        "I'm sorry, alright?!" Logan yelled at me.
        "Don't start with that tone," I warned him. Logan's eyes softened and he backed off. Even though I was younger than him, I always had more control. "Why would you hurt her like that?"
        "I-I don't know," Logan looked back down at the ground again.
        "She waited for years and you decide to like her now?!"
        "I've always loved her, but I've never had the guts to ask her out..."
        "What about Alex? Did you cheat on her?!"
        "No! Of course not! I would never do that!"
        "And you think it's okay to kiss someone elses girlfriend," I crossed my arms over my chest.
        "I don't think that's okay! I know what I did was wrong and I don't know how to make it up..."
        "What happened with Alex?"
        "I broke up with her since it just didn't feel right to date someone I didn't love like I loved Jamie."
        "You really like her, huh."
        "I love her, Alli."
        "At least Jamie accepted your apology..." I sighed, sliding my back down the side of the elevator.
        "I'm disappointed in myself too," Logan mimicked my actions next to me.
        "She's upset, Logan. Even though you apologized and she accepted, she's still hurt."
        "I don't know what to do."
        "Why were you here anyways?"
        "I was waiting for Jamie to get back so I could make things a little better. I even went to the concert tonight to see her. I want to be there for her."
        "I think you should go..." I sighed, getting up.
        "Why? Is Jamie here? I need to talk to her."        
        "No, I'm pretty sure she doesn't really want to see you."
        "I have to!" Logan was now standing. He stood over me, but his height didn't scare me. 
        "Not now. Just give her time," I stood my ground. Logan stared at me for a minute then sighed, wiping his face with his hand. 
        "Just tell her that when she's ready to talk to me alone, I'll be just a call away."
        "Okay," I agreed. I pressed a button and the doors to the elevator doors opened. I walked out since this was my floor and gave a smile wave to Logan who sat back down on the ground. I headed towards Jamie's hotel room and opened the unlocked door. I found her curled up in a ball on the bed, crying. "It's gonna be okay," I sat next to Jamie, stroking her hair.
        "How do you know? You don't know what happened," she wiped some of her tears away.
        "Logan told me," I sighed. 
        "Wait? How? When?" Jamie sat up.
        "He was waiting here for you but I guess he changed his mind. I bumped into him in the elevator."
        "I just can't stop thinking about it."
        "I know it's hard but you guys made up." 
        "That doesn't meant I can just forget about it. I can't just erase it out of my head."
        "I know what will help," a smile grew on my face 
        "We still need to get a birthday present for Niall tomorrow," I said, smirking.
        "What are we waiting for?" Jamie giggled, getting up. "Let's go!"

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