Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


74. Birthday Girl

 "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" I wake up to three voices yelling at me. 
        "Aw, you guys made me breakfast in bed?" I smile. A tray of delicious foods are set on my lap.
        "Technically Liam made it but I gave him the food ideas," Alli giggles.
        "This is amazing," I take a bite of the fluffy pancakes.
        "All for you," Louis smiles.
        "Thanks guys," I get up and hug Liam, Alli, and Louis. 
        "Present time?" Louis looks at me expectantly.
        "Sure," I smile. We all head into the living room, Alli bringing the tray of food with her. 
        "Me first," Louis hands me a wrapped object.
        "How did you know I wanted this book?!" I flip through the pages of 'The Fault In Our Stars'.
        "I overheard you talking about with Liam when you were with us on tour."        
        "And you remembered after all this time?" I've been dying to read the book after watching the movie.
        "I don't have that bad of memory," Louis chuckles.
        "My turn," Alli hands me a large box.
        "Why so heavy?" I wonder out loud.
        "You'll see," Alli sits back on the couch and crosses her legs. After the wrapping paper is off of the large object, my eyes go wide.         
        "A new laptop?!" I gasp. "Where did you get the money to buy this?!"
        "Oh please, I have more than enough from my parent's bank accounts. Plus, you've been complaining that your MacBook isn't working well anymore and I can't take your complaining anymore." Alli giggles.
        "Oh my god, thank you!" I hug Alli tightly. 
        "I'm giving yours to you tonight at the dinner," Liam pulls me closer to his side. 
        "Okay," I look up and smile at him. 


        "You look... beautiful," Liam stares my up and down. 
        "You really think so?" I smooth down my dress.
        "You're beautiful all the time," Liam takes my hand and leads me to the car. I blush and climb into the passenger seat.
        "Have fun kids!" Alli teases from the front door. I wave goodbye and Liam pulls out of the driveway. His hand rests on my thigh all the way to the restaurant. The restaurant looks fancy... and expensive.
        "You didn't need to bring me to a fancy restaurant," I start but Liam stops me.
        "It's your birthday and it's my present to you. Well at least part of it," Liam flashes is irresistible smile to me.
        "Ok, fine," I give in. Liam gets out of the car and opens the passenger door for me. "Thank you," I smile and Liam takes my hand to help me out of the car.
        "It's my pleasure," Liam closes the door and leads me towards the entrance. "Reservation for Payne." Liam informs the front desk. The person working nods and gestures towards the waiter. The waiter doesn't say anything about Liam being in One Direction even though I know he wants to. After ordering, eating, and having long conversations, it was almost time to go.
        "Time flies by when your having fun," I smile, taking a bite of the red velvet cake Liam and I are sharing.
        "So you had fun?" Liam smiled.
        "Of course. Whenever I'm with you, I have fun."
        "I have something more for you," Liam digs into his pocket, taking out a small box. It says 'Pandora' on the top.
        "Another charm?" I smile.
        "What else would it be?" Liam opens up the top and a tiny 'Birthday' charm lays on a tiny pillow. 
        "It's beautiful," I examine the small charm and attach it to my bracelet. 
        "That's not all," Liam smiles. He takes my hands in his and looks straight into my eyes. "From the moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew you were the one. I remember the first time I saw you was at the mall. You didn't see me but I saw you and Alli exiting and I wondered, 'Why aren't those teenage girls crowding us like everyone else?'. Then I got to know you. You are amazing, wonderful, and everything I want in a girl. You couldn't be any better than you are now. You complete me, Jamie. I would do anything for you and I know you would do anything for me as well." He's right, I would do anything for him. Tears are already forming in my eyes. Liam gets out of his chair and stands me up. He gets on one knee and I bring my hand up to my mouth. Liam smiles and brings my hand back down and holds both of them in his. "I love you with all I am and I never want to let you go." Liam takes something out of his pocked. A ring. 
        "Will you marry me?"


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