Forever and Always

An ordinary girl called Jamielyne and her bestfriend Alli meet One Direction in a small town. Liam takes a liking to Jamielyne and they become good friends. After many dates, Liam finally asked Jamielyne to be his girlfriend. She received hate and many death threats. Will she be safe with Liam? Are they gonna have a good future?


63. Another Memory

"YOU WERE AMAZING!" Alli hugged me tight. I finished my song and left the stage for the boys to wrap up the concert. "See? What did I tell you? You did the best!"
        "You really think so?" I honestly didn't know how I did. I tried my hardest and didn't think twice about it.
        "Do I really think so? I know so!"
        "That means a lot," I hugged Alli once more. "I can't believe I didn't forget the lyrics."
        "DON'T JINX YOURSELF!" she shouted at me.
        "What do you mean?!"
        "You're performing tomorrow and after tomorrow too! Don't jinx yourself by saying that!" she shook my shoulders dramatically. I rolled my eyes in response playfully. A pair of hands went over my eyes. I smiled, knowing it was Liam.
        "Guess who," the 'mystery' person asked in a disguised voice.
        "I know it's you, Liam," I giggled.
        "Don't be too sure," he said. I frowned and took his hands away from my eyes, revealing the stage and Liam still on it. I quickly turned around to come face to face with Logan. Without thinking, I threw my arms around him.
        "Logan! I can't believe you're here!" I said excitedly. 
        "I came to see you! You did amazing!"
        "How did you find out I was performing? I didn't tell anyone but the boys and Alli."
        "Well I got the info from the one and only," Logan pointed towards Liam who was walking towards us.
        "Logan! I'm glad you could make it!" Liam made his way next to me.
        "Thanks for inviting me!" Logan replied.
        "Anytime! I know it's what Jamie would've wanted," Liam said with a smile.
        "Oh, and congratulations on the engagement!" Logan said to Alli. "Not to mention your twins!"
        "Aw, thank you Logan," Alli patted his back. 
        "Hey mate!" Louis joined us and the rest of the boys too. We were all talking in a small circle.
        "Would you like to join us for dinner tonight?" Liam asked Logan.
        "That would be awesome! Should I get dressed into something else or," Logan started.
        "No no, it's not a formal dinner," Liam informed him. Logan nodded in response. "We have a little meet and greet, we'll be done in about an hour."
        "We'll be waiting," Alli answered. The boys went into the dressing room to change into something less sweaty and met up with their fans. I joined them, signing phone cases, autograph books, and even pictures of me and Liam. Somebody even had me sign a copy of a selfie I posted on Instagram. I posed for pictures with girls and then I saw some guys in the line. I giggled since it's obviously funny seeing this many girls and just a couple guys. 
        "You were amazing!" one of the boys said to me when it was their turn to get pictures. 
        "Thank you so much!" I smiled my best smile.
        "Is it okay if I get a picture of you kissing my cheek?" the boy's eyes pleaded. I nervously looked at Liam and he nodded in approval. I kissed his cheek and held still for the picture. I kissed all of the boys cheeks and everyone got a picture as well. 
        "Thank you guys for coming!" I called after the boys as they were about to exit. They waved goodbye and Liam, the boys, and I continued on with the meet and greet. We finally finished and headed back to where Alli and Logan were waiting for us. We all got situated into a SUV and the driver drove us to a cute, little restaurant. It wasn't too big but it wasn't too small. It was perfect. 
        "How many are dining?" the host in the front of the restaurant asked. Liam turned around and counted all of us.
        "8," he answered.
        "Is it okay if you're seated outside? We don't have a large enough table inside," the host pointed towards the back porch area. It was secluded and looked like it was just enough to seat all of us.
        "That would be fine," Liam replied. The host nodded and a waiter ushered us towards the table. We all took our seats and picked up the menus in front of us. After minutes of deciding what to eat, not to mention to drink, the waitress took our orders. I had the fish and chips along with a mango smoothie. Alli had ordered double of what I got. The food finally came and we dug in, hungry as always. 
        "So, how have you been since I've seen you?" Logan asked.
        "Good, good. Mostly taking care of this big baby," I pointed at Alli.
        "Hey!" Alli whined with a mouth full of MY leftovers. She was still hungry after eating what she'd gotten.
        "Admit it, you're such a baby," I said.
        "Am not!" 
        "Am to!" I giggled. She gave in and started laughing like crazy.
        "Maybe you're right. I might be a little on the child side," Alli smiled. The rest of time we were in the restaurant, everyone caught up with each other. Logan especially. When it was almost time to go, Liam stopped everybody and took a tiny box out of his pocket. 
        "I have a surprise," Liam flashed his amazing smile.
        "And what might that be?" I said, pretending to be clueless. I saw the Pandora logo on the box and instantly new what he got me. Liam caught me looking and realised that I ruined the surprise.
        "I guess it's not much of a surprise anymore," he ran his hand through his hair and handed me the jewelry box. I giggled and opened it, revealing a small, silver music charm. I gasped.
        "Liam! It's beautiful!" I slid off my charm bracelet and attached the charm on it. "And now I know why you were gone earlier."
        "I wanted to give you another memory." 
        "And I'll remember it forever," I leaned in and gave a long, full kiss to Liam.
        "Aw!" Everybody cooed around us. 
        "Thank you," I whispered into Liam's ear when we parted. I finally looked at everybody and their faces were bright with happiness. 
        "You two are just adorable!" Louis yelled. Liam and I chuckled and I met Logan's eyes. He was smiling but his eyes were...different. They were sad. I decided not to bring it up in front of everybody and we all headed back to the hotel we were staying it. We got out of the SUV and Logan stayed in since he had to get to his hotel. 
        "Are you coming?" Liam asked me, holding out his hand. 
        "Yeah, I'll be up in a bit. I'm just gonna say goodbye to Logan," I replied. Liam nodded and headed back to our hotel room. I turned back around to face Logan. 
        "You should get going," He smiled but I saw past that.
        "Tell me what's wrong."
        "Nothing. Why would you think there's something wrong?"
        "Logan, you and I both know I know better than you know yourself."
        "It's nothing."
        "No, it's not 'nothing'. Tell me what's bugging you." I stared him down. He took a deep breath before talking again.
        "I can't tell" he looked over at the driver. I sighed and led him inside the hotel, into a janitor's closet.
        "You can tell me here." I planted my feet firmly on the ground and waited for him to spill.
        "I don't know if I can do this," Logan said nervously.
        "C'mon! We're best friends. You can tell me anything, right?" I wanted him to be honest with me. Whatever he was going through, I want to help him.
        "I broke up with Alex..." he murmured, barely audible but I caught it.
        "What? Why?" I started rubbing his back.
        "Because..." he stopped.
        "Because why?"
        "Because I'm in love with you, Jamie," I stopped rubbing his back and gasped. Logan, my best friend, loves me? He stared at me and I stared back. I didn't know what to do. I mean, I have Liam. I couldn't breath, couldn't move. Nothing. "Are you gonna say something?"
        "Uh..." I started panicking. I didn't want him to hate me. I didn't want to say anything. I turned around and put my head in my hands. I didn't know what to do and when I don't know what to do, I start to panic. And when I panic, I start to sweat. It was already hot and stuffy in the little closet we were jammed into. I turned back around to find my lips on Logan's. I quickly pushed him off of me and backed away.
        "Jamie, I'm so sorry," he made an attempt to touch my face but I jerked away. 
        "I-I'm with Liam," I didn't know what else to say. I mean, Logan kissed me... he couldn't of done this years ago?! When I'm finally in a good relationship, he kisses me?!
        "Please. Jamie, I'm really sorry!" he pleaded for my acceptance in his apology. I started shaking my head no and made an attempt to run. My hand gripped the door handle and I flew out of the closet and ran for the stairs. The elevator was too risky. I ran up 7 flights of stairs, not once stopping and looking back. How am I gonna tell Liam this.

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