My Best Friend

My best friend's name is Shawn Mendes, he is a wonderful singer and a very handsome guy, the girls all swoon over him and are jealous of me. I have a super, major crush on him but no one knows. He likes someone else which breaks my heart.


7. Chapter 6

I wake up again and lift my head from the window and look around, the car is empty. I look outside and there are tents being set up and Skylynn is walking around, holding a stick. I get out and yawn and close the door. "Get over here." Nash says and I walk over to him. "Help me with this tent." He says and I sigh and start helping him. Soon we get it made and start to make a fire. "Can you make a fire Nash?" I ask, sitting on the log Hayes and I dragged up here. "Of course." He says and I laugh. "He doesn't." Will whispers in my ear. "I noticed." I say and he laughs. "Whispering about me?" He asks and I smirk. "Or nahhh?!" We both say, laughing. "But yes I was." I say and he laughs. "Wait!" He says and I laugh. "You my brother are not very wise." Hayes says and I laugh. "Yes I am, amusement park workers are this nation's backbone." Nash says and I start laughing. "Marshmallows anyone?!" Will announces, pulling Skylynn on his lap. We sit around, talking about our memories, singing songs and Will takes Skylynn to his tent and Hayes disappears and Nash holds his marshmallow over the fire. "You tired?" Nash asks and I nod. "We are sharing a tent, two beds." He says and I nod. I get up, going into the tent and lying down, pulling my comforter over my head and snuggling against my blow up mattress and closing my eyes and falling asleep.

Shawn's POV

"This movie is nice." I say to Tiff and she nods. I put my arm around her and she just sits there, staring at the screen. "I like it." She says and I nod. I noticed, I think to myself. "I am going to get some more Coke." I say and she nods and I get up and escape. I call Harry since he is the romance guy. "What's up?" He asks and I smile. "Hey, Tiffany is totally ignoring me, what do I do?" I ask and he giggles. Oh gosh, Alex. "Well, did you put your arm around her?" He asks and I go to refill the cup. "Yes." I say impatiently refilling my cup. "Try kissing her at the end of the date, I need to go, peace." He says, hanging up and I sigh and go back to the movie.

The whole time she didn't do anything, just watched the movie and stayed silent. I take her out to the car and she keeps talking about the movie. I drive her home and I walk her up to her door. "Thanks for the wonderful night!" She says and I smile. "Yeah." I say, leaning in and she smiles. She puts her hands on my chest. "See you later." She says, going inside. I sigh and go to my car and get in and drive home, wanting to talk to Christy.

Authors Note

I hope you liked this chapter! -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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