My Best Friend

My best friend's name is Shawn Mendes, he is a wonderful singer and a very handsome guy, the girls all swoon over him and are jealous of me. I have a super, major crush on him but no one knows. He likes someone else which breaks my heart.


6. Chapter 5

I wake up this morning to knocking on the door. I look at the clock and it is seven in the morning. "What?" I ask, walking to the door and opening it. "Hey there sunshine!" Nash says and I narrow my eyes at him and close the door and go to the living room and lie down on the couch. "Get up!" Nash says and I sigh. "No!" I whine, covering my face. "Will wants you out in the car, beat rush hour." He says, tickling my sides. "What is going on?" Shawn walks out in his plain grey sweats that I am in love with and a tank top. "I am taking Christy camping but she won't get her lazy ass up." Nash says and I pinch his arm and he looks at me. "Ow!" He says and I smirk. "Hayes, get her bag." Nash commands and then he picks me up bridal style and takes me outside. "Nash bag! It's cold!" I whine and he sighs and takes off his red hoodie, after putting me down and throwing it at me. I slip it on and giggle. Hayes and Shawn come out with my little duffel bag and sleeping bag. They put it in the trunk and I look at Shawn. "Don't get too crazy with Tiffany, alright?" I ask, kissing his cheek. "I won't." He says, laughing and I smile slightly and I go over to Will's car and slide in next to Skylynn. "Is Sky going with us?" I ask, poking her cheek. "No, I am dropping her off and then we get to go." Will says from the driver side. Hayes slides in shotgun and Nash slides into the other side of Skylynn and closes the door and puts on his seat belt and Will pulls out of the driveway. 

I wake up and I am leaning on Sky's car seat. I look up and she is gone. "We already dropped her off, I am going to put her car seat in the trunk." I hear Nash whisper and I lean my head on the glass and the door opens and he pulls out the car seat and then disappears behind the car. He then gets back in the car and Will gets in too and I notice Hayes is asleep. Nash scoots in the middle and I close my eyes again, sleep overtaking me. 

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! I hope you liked this chapter! Thank you so much for reading it! -BoyBand&&VinerCrazed;)<3

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