My Best Friend

My best friend's name is Shawn Mendes, he is a wonderful singer and a very handsome guy, the girls all swoon over him and are jealous of me. I have a super, major crush on him but no one knows. He likes someone else which breaks my heart.


4. Chapter 3

"Beneath you are beautiful." Shawn sings to the little crowd in the coffee shop. "When are you going up there?" Vito, the owner asks. "Are you crazy? I can't sing." I say and he laughs. "Yes you can." He says and I roll my eyes. The bell above the door rings and I turn and Nash is coming inside. "Hey." He says, sitting next to me. "Hey, he sounds great, doesn't he?" I ask and he nods. "You should go up there." He says, nudging me. "Told you." Vito says and I roll my eyes. "No Nash." I say and he makes a pouty face. "Please." He says but I shake my head. "Come with me." He says, grabbing my hand. He pulls me out of my seat and I look back at Shawn who is looking at me, confused but still singing. "Where are you taking me?" I ask and he smiles. 

We end up on a roof and I sit down next to him. "Sing, freely." He says, smiling and I look at him. "Nash." I say and he gets up. "Don't listen to a word I say!" He sings and I laugh. "Nash! You are amazing." I say, laughing and he grabs my hand and pulls me up. "Aye, the screams all sound the same!" I sing and he smiles and we start dancing. "Although the truth may bury this, ship will carry our bodies safe to shore!" I sing and he twirls me and I giggle. (Sorry for any wrong lyrics, song is Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men, if anyone cares). "I told you, you can sing." He says, dipping me backwards. I smile and he stares down at me. "Um." I say and he leans down and kisses me. He pulls me up, not breaking the kiss and I kiss him back. I pull away first and stare at him. "Uh." I say and I push away from him and leave.

"Alex, can you come pick me up?" I ask, walking to the coffee shop. "I thought you were with Shawn." She says and I bite my lip. "I hung out with Nash and things got awkward and he kissed me and I am now at the coffee shop and it is about to rain, please, come pick me up." I say, sitting on the wooden bench. "On my way." She says and I hang up and I feel a raindrop and then it starts pouring.

"Get in!" Alex shouts and I quickly get in her car and she drives off. "He kissed you?" She asks and I nod. "I told you." I say, mocking her voice and she smiles. "I did." She says and I roll my eyes. "I like Shawn." I say and she sighs. "Maybe Nash will just forget about it." She says and I nod. I hope.

Authors Note

Hello my lovelies! Chapter 3! -1D's Diana and Lou's Carrot;) and VinerObsessed;)

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