My Best Friend

My best friend's name is Shawn Mendes, he is a wonderful singer and a very handsome guy, the girls all swoon over him and are jealous of me. I have a super, major crush on him but no one knows. He likes someone else which breaks my heart.


2. Chapter 2

"Thanks for getting me into detention Nash! I mean, I didn't even do anything!" Brent whines and I flick a paper football at him. "Calm down." I say and he rolls his eyes. "It's your fault too!" Harry says and I smirk. "Come on guys, back off." Shawn says, plopping down next to me. "Aw, Shawn is protecting his girlfriend." Cam says and I roll my eyes. "Mhm!" Brent says in his cookie monster voice and I laugh. "Christy will you marry me?" Nash asks, getting on one knee and grabbing my hand. "No talking!" Hagen says and Nash looks at everyone. "Or nahhh?!" He asks and I laugh. "Nahhh." I say and he pouts. "Be quiet!" Hagen shouts and I stick out my tongue. "You got another hour." He says to me and I make a pouty face. "Make it another hour for me too." Brent says, putting away his phone. "Mom isn't home yet and I am not going home if there is no food." He says and I smile. "Well I am Christy's way home, I have to stay." Shawn says and I smile at him. "I'm out!" Nash says and Cam and him get up. "Sit down, another hour just because you are troublemakers." Hagen says and they start yelling. "Come on guys!" Alex yells and Harry puts his arm around her. "PDA!" Hagen shouts and Harry just laughs. "You think that is PDA? I will show you PDA." He says and then he starts kissing Alex. "OOOO!!!" We all shout and we start howling. "You are out of control!" Cam shouts, laughing. Hagen leaves the room and I just laugh and lay my head on Shawn's shoulder. "I want a taco." Brent says and I laugh. "I can text Hayes." Nash says and I look at him. "Will he bring it?" Brent asks and I look at Nash. "As long as Shawn sings to us or nahh?" Nash says, looking at Shawn. "I don't know." He says and I look up at him. "You sang to those girls, why not for your best friends?" I ask and he looks down at me. "Alright, what do you want me to sing?" He asks, laying his head on my head. "Dark Horse." Alex says, knowing it's my favorite song. He starts singing and I start blushing. "Christy, I need to talk to you later." Alex says and I nod and she smiles. "Make me your Aphrodite, make me your one and only." Shawn sings and I look at him. "So beautiful!" Nash says and Cam pretends to faint. Nash starts dialing his phone and I smile at Shawn. "I love your voice." I say and he laughs. "I know, thank you." He says, kissing my nose and I almost hyperventilate. Hayes shows up with our tacos and sits at Hagen's desk. "Detention again!" He shouts and I laugh. "Get out of here Hayes." I say, laughing and he sits on my desk. "Can I get a kiss?" He asks and I roll my eyes. "Not a chance." I say and he puckers up. I grab Shawn's hand and before he could pull away, his hand is against Hayes' lips. "Ew." Shawn says and Hayes opens his eyes and pulls away, falling off of the desk. "There's your kiss, now leave." I say, laughing. He leaves and we all enjoy our tacos.

We are finally released from our prison and Shawn takes me home. "You are beautiful, in every single way." He sings into the phone to Tiffany. I bite my lip and stare out the window. My phone rings and it is of Shawn singing Dark Horse, meaning someone is calling me (It really is like this). I pick up my phone and it is Alex. I answer the call and look out the window still. "Yellow?" I ask and she laughs. "Blue!" She responds like she always does. "Yes?" I ask and she giggles. I hear her mumble 'stop it Harry' and I pretend to puke. "Alex?" Shawn asks and I nod. "So do you have a thing for Mr. Shawn Mendes?" She asks and I blush. "Maybe." I say, guiltily. "Uh oh." She says and I bite my lip. "What?" I ask, sitting up. "Nash has a huge crush on you." She says and I just stop. "What?" I ask and she sighs. "Yeah." She says and I bite my lip. "I need to go, Harry is being a pest, adios." She says and I laugh. "Toodles." I say, hanging up. Whale then. "You okay?" Shawn asks and I look at him. "Oh, yeah." I say, smiling and he nods. 

I go inside and lie down on the couch. "Mom! We're home!" He shouts, peeking over the couch and making faces at me. "Oh good, dinner is ready, I am out." She says, kissing his head and walking over and kissing mine. "Bye mom." I say and she closes the door behind her. "Pizza?" I ask and he goes to the kitchen. "Yep!" He calls and I jump up and run to the kitchen and slide across the floor. I should probably tell you why I am at his house, I live with him, my parents died when I was younger and he took me in. "I have never seen you run faster." He says and I laugh. "Shut up!" I say, giggling and I throw a buffalo wing at him. "Spicy." He says, picking it up off of the floor. "Ew!" I say and he licks it and then throws it on the ground. "My tongue! Ew!" He shouts and I burst out laughing and he starts running in circles. I grab his arm and put my pepperoni pizza in his mouth. "Yum." He says and I laugh. I shake my head and sit down and I turn on a movie. Shawn jumps on the couch and giggles. "You are weird." I say and he laughs and puts his head on my shoulder. "I know." He says and I smile and we watch the movie.

Authors Note:

Chapter 2, what do you think? Comment below! -1D's Diana and Lou's Carrot;) and VinerObsessed;)

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