Nialls new love


2. my 1D date

You get a text from Niall

Bella hi it is Niall I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with the rest of the band and I today

You wrote back ok but can I bring my friend Libby because I do not know what Harry will do. Niall texted back and said if you want you and Libby come. Thanks you say. Niall said good night and said they will pick you up at 10:30 you Wake up and it is 7:00 so you and Libby both take a shower and get dressed you are in a purple and black dress Libby is in a white and pink dress when you are done getting dressed and doing your hair and makeup you still have 1 hour left you go to your room to write music and Libby is finishing up a movie and the door bell rings and Libby answers hi. Bella is in her room come on in so they all come in my room and see me writing music. Louis said Bella I did not know that you write music. It is a little thing I like to do said Bella. What are all of those music in a locked case said Zayn. Um..... That is nothing said Bella. You are hiding something I know it Liam said . Ok FINE!!! I write music and I record my self and put it on a cd ok I know I will never be a famous singer but I love to do it so this is what I do. You open and get your fav song and you put it on your desk. Ok let's get going said Harry. You all leave and Niall grabs the song and puts it in his bag and said to the driver that he has to stop and drop off something to Simon Crowell and he goes and texted Simon and he meats Niall at the front door and Niall takes the demo cd and Simon listen to it please this girl is a Telly good singer. Ok I will but I may not like it said Simon. Ok thanks said Niall. Niall gets back to the car and we finally get to the recording studio and we all go to room 336. After they finish recording there album you go out to eat. What do you want to eat said Niall. I do not know said Bella and Libby at the same time. Nando's !!!!!!!! Said Niall Ok let's go I am so hungry I could eat the whole town. said Bella It is true she eats A LOT not joking and Bella do not eat all the food please. Said Libby Ok let's get going. said Louis Niall puts his arm around my waist and Harry dose the same to Libby. Ok guys is it ok if Parrie comes. Said Zayn Oh and Eleanor too. Louis said Niall, Harry, and Liam all said yes.

************************** at Nando's ********************* Niall sat next to Bella and this beautiful girl with a nose piercing and long blond hair and a diamond ring. Zayn sat next to her. On the other side Harry sat next to Libby who sat next to a beautiful girl with brown hair and Louis sat next to he

r and then Liam sat next to him. Ok let's introduce ourselves and a little about you. Said Harry ok we all said I will go first. said Zayn Hi my name is Zayn and I am getting married to the lovely Parrie Edwards and I am born on January 12 and um.... I my fav color is red. Harry said hi my name is Harry I love cats my birthday is February 1 I am the youngest member in the band people call me "the flirt." Hi my name is Louis I am the oldest member of the band my birthday is December 24 I am dating the wonderful Eleanor. Liam said hi my name is Liam I was born on August 29 and my fav color is purple. How much do we have to say about ourselves. said Libby As much as you want said Niall. Hi I am Niall I was born September 13 my fav color is blue and green I have a nephew named Theodore he is me brother Greg's son. Said Niall. Eleanor said hi my name is Eleanor I am dating Louis I am not famous. Parrie said hi my name is Parrie I am from little mix and I am marrying Zayn. Hi my name is Libby I was born on August 18 I love one direction and little mix.*********************************************************said Libby Hi my name is Bella I play travel volleyball I was born on August 30th my favorite color is purple I love to sing I love little mix and one direction I secretly write songs and record them just for myself and if I do not get famous then I would be a radiologist. Said Bella a lot of people here where born in August. Said Liam with a goofy smile. We all start laughing and then the food comes and when we are done Libby and I are going shopping with Parrie and Eleanor tomorrow. The boys just dropped us off and Harry and Niall walk Libby and I to our apartment and we say goodbye Libby and I give the boys a hug and then go in to our apartment then the boys are going home when Niall gets a text from Simon and said that he loved the demo cd that you gave me who is on it because I would like to talk to her to see if I could sign her and get her a record deal. Niall texted back thanks I will tell her. Ok Bella called Niall to bring the rest of the band to their apartment and go to her room. They finally come and go to Bella's bedroom and she is freaking out. I want to know who took my music demo cd. Said Bella Bella can I talk to you in privet please said Niall. Ok I said we are in Libby's room and lock the door I took the demo cd to have Simon Crowell listen to it and he wants to sign you to Sony Records said Niall. Omg thanks so much Niall said Bella. Niall and Bella are kissing and Libby unlucky the door and the rest of one direction and Libby sit on Libby's bed and watch it all Bella jumps up and Niall catches Bella and I wrap my legs around his waist and he puts his hands on my bum and I run my fingers through his hair. Niall says Bella I love you. I love you too Niall said Bella. Bella and Niall are full out making out Niall pushes Bella up against the wall of the bedroom and Bella pulled Niall in closer to her. Niall picks up Bella so her legs are above his waist and Niall walks to her bedroom and everyone else follows Niall puts me down on the bed and lays on top of me and we are still making out. Harry looks at Libby and said really loud so Niall and Bella stopped kissing. Oh I did not know that this is now the making out room. Bella just kisses Niall again. Libby said Harry can't you see that they are in love and it is so romantic so just let them go. Niall and Bella stop kissing and Bella said Lib thanks and I have big news. Everyone said together what. Harry said I knew it you are pregnant. Libby punches his arm and Harry said what. You know how come I could not find my demo cd on my desk and Niall had to drop off something to Simon Crowell well it turns out that Niall took the demo cd and gave it to Simon and now he wants to sign me.😀😃😄😀😄😃😆😅. Omg omg omg go Bella. said Libby then Bella pushes Niall on the bed and he went down on the bed I jumped on him and then started making out with him again.

********************1hour later*********************

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