The accident



I remember it like it was yesterday. The cold guilt gets to me every day and night. I lost my girl not to long ago and it wasn't through a breAk up either. Today is my court trial for being accused of the murder of Raven Combs, the girl who was going to be my future wife.i didn't do it but I guess that's how any guilt man would sound.

We were out watching fireworks on our 1 year anniversary and shr wanted to go watch them. Once they were over the night was still young so we stayed out late roaming the park. She got a chill like someone was watching us but I just figured it was dark and cold so I gave her my jacket and we went back to her apartment. When we got there she had realized she left her keys in my truck so I went back to go get then across the parking lot. By the time I had reached the truck I heard screams of my name. " Niall please help!" I recognized the scared noise it was Raven. By the time I sprinted to where the scream came from she was gone. Yes I find myself guilty for not being there to protect her but i will not strand to take the blame for the murder of the woman I loved.


" Niall Horan please take a seat by your lawyer.You are here today profound by the death of raven combs." It's states here you were the last person to have had contact with this woman any comments.......

Niall's point of view

I told the judge my story, the facts and I could tell from the look on the bitches face he wasn't believing me. I strongly loved her and no one understands that. The thing I don't understand is why they are fucking accusing me of murder when they should be out there looking for her. They have no evidence she is dead and I won't believe it till I'm proven it's true.

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