Secrets and Lies

A girl named Rose and her two friends Emma and Cleo were ordinary girls.... Well not ordinary.. They were mermaids, about ten seconds after touching water they get their tails. Her and her two friends were walking on the beach and met One Direction. Harry and Rose start to fall deeply in love with each other. But what rose mostly fear is that if Harry find out her secret... Will he still love her?


7. Chapter 7

Rose's P.O.V

I sat on the rock in the cave still in the water. I sighed softly. Emma, Cleo, and Kacie swam in and tilted their heads back coming from under the water and the looked at me. "What's wrong?" Emma asked.

"Nothing." I said softly." 

"Liar." She said.

"I'm surprised you even came." I said.

"Well, no one will see me like this, but you three and probably Luis and Cleo and Emma made me come and I wanted to get you so I had no choice." She said. We heard someone slide down. "Luis?" Cleo called. Zayn walked in and his eyes were wide. I turned and looked at him. Damn.

"I thought we told you not to come!" Emma yelled. 

I was worried. But h-how-" Zayn stuttered.

"We dont know." Cleo said.

'Please dont tell anyone." I said. "If anyone find out then we all would be taken away and who knows what would happen." I said. "Espeically Harry."

"I have to tell Harry." He said.

"Dont please, I really really like him, please dont." 

"Okay." He said. 

"Thank you." I said.

"Tell no one." Emma said.

"I wont." Zayn said. Kacie just looked at him and he just looked at her. Kacie went under water and swam away. Zayn frowned. 
"Someone liked someone." Cleo said.


"Kacie is a Zayn girl she's gonna blush A LOT, then smile about it and probably squeal." I said.

"I would date her."

"But you're with Perrie and your not gonna hurt her." I said.

"She's our sister and best friend Rose knows her better so if you need advice ask her." Emma said.

"We need to head back." I said. 

"Zayn go." Cleo said. Zayn left out and we swam out.

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