Secrets and Lies

A girl named Rose and her two friends Emma and Cleo were ordinary girls.... Well not ordinary.. They were mermaids, about ten seconds after touching water they get their tails. Her and her two friends were walking on the beach and met One Direction. Harry and Rose start to fall deeply in love with each other. But what rose mostly fear is that if Harry find out her secret... Will he still love her?


6. Chapter 6

Emma's P.O.V

Me, Cleo, Kacie, and Luis ran out of the. Harry and the others followed. "Where did she go?" Kacie asked.

"Probably to Mako." Luis said.

"Why would she go there?" Harry asked.

"Umm." Cleo said." 

"She goes there when she needs to be alone or think." I said.

"It's dangerous there." He said.

"Which is why we'll go there and get her." Kacie said.

"Uhh, you're going too." 

HUH?!?" She said.

"Come with us." Cleo said." 

Kacie sighed. "Fine." Zayn looked at Kacie. 

"You're seriously going out there?" He asked.

She nodded. "To get my best friend, of course." 

"I'm going too." He said.

"NO!" We all said at the same time "We can do this." I said. Luis managed to get them all back inside Me, Cleo, and Kacie ran toward the dock. We dove in the water and swam to Mako.

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