Secrets and Lies

A girl named Rose and her two friends Emma and Cleo were ordinary girls.... Well not ordinary.. They were mermaids, about ten seconds after touching water they get their tails. Her and her two friends were walking on the beach and met One Direction. Harry and Rose start to fall deeply in love with each other. But what rose mostly fear is that if Harry find out her secret... Will he still love her?


16. Chapter 16

We went to the cafe and sat at the table. Harry stayed at the house and Perrie went shopping. "So what does the full moon do to you?" Liam asked.

"It make us act weird and in the morning we don't remember anything." Cleo said.

"So we can't look at it or touch water when it's up. Which is why when the full moon is suppose to come up we're covering every window in the house and locking all doors." I said.

"Do you have powers?" Zayn asked. Emma held her hand up to Zayn's cup like she was telling someone to stop and the water froze. "Does that answer your question?" I asked.

"Yes, but can you... unfreeze it." He asked looking at Emma. 

"No, I can't. Rose." She said. I made my hand into a slow fist aiming at his cup making it boil. "There you go." I said. 

"What can Cleo do?" Niall asked. Cleo aimed at Niall's cup and twisted her and slowly to the left and right making the water rise then stopped making it drop back. 

"Where did the extra water come from?" Louis asked. We shrugged.

"Kacie, what's your power?" Liam asked.

She shrugged. "We never tried to figure it out." 

"We can try." I said smiling. 


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