Secrets and Lies

A girl named Rose and her two friends Emma and Cleo were ordinary girls.... Well not ordinary.. They were mermaids, about ten seconds after touching water they get their tails. Her and her two friends were walking on the beach and met One Direction. Harry and Rose start to fall deeply in love with each other. But what rose mostly fear is that if Harry find out her secret... Will he still love her?


11. Chapter 11

Harry's P.O.V

Rose ran down stairs and I ran after her. She ran to the kitchen and got the last coke. "Dont you dare."  I said. She opened it and started drinking some. Then slid  the can over to me. "Half and half." She said. I smiled then drunk the rest of the coke. 

Emma and Niall walked in follow by Zayn, Liam, and Louis. Emma looked worried about something. "What's wrong?" I asked. Emma whispered something in Rose ear. Rose looked at Liam and Louis. Louis and Liam waved, Rose put a finger on her lips and Louis and Liam nodded. Kacie walked in and slapped Niall upside the head. "We need to talk." Zayn said. "Harry you stay in here."

Rose's P.O.V

"How did you find out?" I asked.

"Niall." Louis said. I slapped Niall upside the head. 

"You cant tell Harry or Perrie." Emma said. They nodded I looked upstairs. Perrie was listening. When we had the mermaid conversation

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