Cheaters should be punished. Candy appoints herself judge, jury, and sentencer.



And in other news, another man was found dead in a hotel room last evening. This is the second occurrance of such a murder in the Las Vegas area. Both victims were found, for the most part, intact. However, in the case of both homicides, the men's testacles were missing and large C's were carved into their chests. The police department urges the public to stay calm, and says that the culprit will soon be caught and brought to justice.

Cara snorted. Justice. That's all she wanted, really. Justice on the men like her father, the men that ruined childhoods and marriages. Men that were so heartless, they either couldn't see or just didn't care that their wife was dying. Tonight was her last job. It was important that it ended on 3 murders. That's how long her dad cheated before her mother died, alone. To top it all off, she would finish her revenge on her 21st birthday, and be able to go out and get a congratulatory drink.

Walking into the bar, she leaned against the wall and felt her tight top press against her breast. Automatically, all eyes were on her. The men's were filled with lust and the women's with envy and hatred. But none of these men were her target; she was in for a long wait.

Several hours and several borrowed drinks later, Cara was about to go home for the night when a young man caught her eye. Instead of rubbing up against hookers like almost every other straight man in the bar, hell in all of Vegas was doing, he stared solemnly into his shot glass before throwing it back and asking for another, gold band clinking against the glass. She sashayed up to the seat next to him and could smell how drunk he was. This one was going to be extra easy. He  was actually very attractive. What a shame that all men can be brought down by a persistent woman. 

Half an hour later, she was driving his porshe with him passed out in the back seat. 

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