Cheaters should be punished. Candy appoints herself judge, jury, and sentencer.



She zipped up her long leather boots on a bench by the busy Las Vegas road and reapplied the cheap, bright red lipstick. She might be a whore, but at least she had standards. Rule one, only accept customers in cars. Rule two, only married men. Rule three, always get paid in cash.

A car screeched up to the curb and she provocatively leaned into the open window. The hand on the steering wheel had a wedding ring on it. She swung into the car and tugged her already low shirt a bit lower.

Turns out, her 'customer' for the night was loaded. They went to one of the nicest hotels in town. She didn't look at his face as she prepared for what she was about to do. It was harder if she thought of them as actual people.

The pulled the dagger out of the sheath on her thigh as she 'got ready' in the bathroom.

"I've got a surprise for you" she crooned in a forced husky voice. He came towards her with glazed eyes and a stupid grin on his face. The prick never expected a knife through his ribs.


She jogged down the street with the awkward package, trying not to look conspicuous. If she was caught with this, she'd be in BIG trouble. The long walk to the other side of Las Vegas would be worth it as long as she got away.

The return address said someplace outside the city limits, and old trailer she had found abandoned a while ago. No way to track her that way. Candy smiled to herself as the box slid down the chute. She wished she could see the recipient when they opened it.


Storming outside, the mother of three got her mail. Her husband had been gone on another "business trip" for almost a week now, and he hadn't even bothered to call and try to make his story believable. Of course no one else knew this. They saw the couple as perfect. They put on an act whenever they were out in public, their house was tidy and large, and their kids made good grades and were on several sports teams. However, they were definitely not a normal family.

For the thousandth time, the wife wished she hadn't slept with him in high school and gotten pregnant. Wished she would've actually done something with her life besides becoming a house wife for an adulterer.

She opened the package and all these thoughts were forgotten. Inside was a large jewelry box, one you would put and expensive necklace in. She checked the return address. Las Vegas. He just had to rub it in her face that he was having an affair and that he knew she only stayed for his money.

Disgusted, she pulled apart the box. She stood frozen and then screamed at the bloody remains of her husbands testicles and his wedding ring.

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