Another world

"Its going to be alright i promise"
I let out a small nervous laughed, looked into his eyes and whisperd "thankyou"

I wrote this like a year ago and just found it, so please dont hate :3


1. Your eyes, they hold so much beauty, but pain.

 Walking down the busy London street, she couldn't believe this was really happening. She was about to meet one of her favorite bands - One Direction.

Crissy was more of a rock chick, well punk. She wasn't into the whole boy band, and pop scene. She loved the style, the music of Punk, but the British heartthrobs always made her knees go weak.

Crissy is a DJ, she creates music digitally. Shes pretty famous too. She worked with bands like; Sleeping With Sirens, Bring Me The Horizon and lots more. This time shes not just writing and creating music, no, she has the job of changing the boys look. Make the more edgy, dark.

She had this weird feeling in the pit of her stomach, like when you going down a fast, tall roller coaster.

She walked up to the mansion the boys shared, it was big.

Crissy started to feel the anxiety consuming her, and her mind wondered off. What if she messes up and they hate her? what if the fans hate their new music? what if she makes a fool of herself?

"Come on Crissy, pull you're self together." The pep talk seamed  to work, and she walked up to the door and rung the bell.

The moment that she waited for someone to answer was agonizing, seamed to stretch on forever.

"Hello, you must be Crissy, do come in" Liam pulled the girl in, and like the perfect gentleman that he is, helped to take her coat off and hung it up on a peg. 

He then started to walk deeper into the house and Crissy decided she should be doing the same.

"The boys are really excited to meet you." He let out a silent laugh, probably feeling Crissy's awkwardness.

Crissy and Liam entered the kitchen, just to find harry cooking, or well attempting to, but Niall kept eating the indigence, leaving Harry rather pissed off.

"Zayn and louis are upstairs, probably playing games, you can meet them later" Liam whispered in Crissy's ear.

"Hello" Crissy greeted the boys, making them look up.

"Hello." They replied at the same time like it was practiced, making Crissy giggle at them.

Crissy was sitting in the dining room, working on her music on her computer, while Niall sat opposite her, reading her scrap book, where she writes down her stories, songs and poems.

Crissy looked over at the childlike boy who had a silly grin on his face.

"Found something you like Irish?" She teased him.

"Can i show this to the rest of the boys?" He held up the book waiting for her approval.

"Go for it" She then watched him as he raced down the hall, calling the boys.

After 10 minutes she heard a chorus of 'awws' and 'so cutes's.' At the back of her mind she knew what was up, she was just praying that wasnt it.

She closed her laptop, and walked over to the boys, Sittting down onn the couch she thew her legs over Niall.

"Whats cooking good looking?" She laughed.

"You have a thing for Niall." The Bradford boy stated. Making Crissy jump yup, and sit at the edge of the sofa.

"What gave you that idea?"

He help up her book, and tossed it to her, making sure the pages didn't turn. Much to her dismay, it was the short fanfic she wrote about her and Niall. Fighting the blush she looked back up.

"Wheres your proof bad boy?" She challenged him.

"Right there" Niall cut in, winking at her.



Hope you enjoyed the first chapter of the rewrite :)


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