Another world

"Its going to be alright i promise"
I let out a small nervous laughed, looked into his eyes and whisperd "thankyou"

I wrote this like a year ago and just found it, so please dont hate :3


5. Why? is it my fault?

Im going to visit the guys today,
me and Niall decided to tell them about the hate mail situation.

I got there abit early to suprise Niall. As i let myself in i could hear giggling upstairs.
Me being nosy, i decided to check it out.
The giggling cane from ......Nialls room?
As i get closer i can hear whispering "shes going to be hear soon, you should got"

I opened the door and my heart sunk, i saw Niall with some random girl, in bed.
"Crissy, your early"
I start crying and run out while Niall shouts "no Crissy im so sorry, please dont go."
But he was too late i was already out of the house.

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