Another world

"Its going to be alright i promise"
I let out a small nervous laughed, looked into his eyes and whisperd "thankyou"

I wrote this like a year ago and just found it, so please dont hate :3


10. my life.

 was in Zayns bed, listening to what was going on downstairs.
Zayn and Niall were having a argument about what happened. Im just glad the rest of the boys arnt here they would have killed Niall.

After what Niall did, i know i should hate him. I already gave him another chance and her blew it, i know i cant stay mad at him forever. I love him too much. Infact im not even mad, or angry. Im just hurt, and im broken.

Sitting here, all alone i decided to think about the past phew months with Niall. How amazing they were. To think just a phew months ago, i was hired to work for one direction.

I remember the first time i met Niall, he was eating. These memories bring so much joy, jet he brought me so much pain. But i still love him.

I remember that time in his bedroom, after he read my book.
Finally Niall got up and dragged me to his room. He closed the doors and looked at me, "spill, whats wrong?" i looked down onto the floor.
"no nothing" he took my hand and looked into my eyes " you can tell me"
I blushed. " Well i kinda like this guy to much although i just met him."

He lifted my head up and kissed me, i was in shock but kissed back. "I guess i know who" he had that sexy grin on his face. I decided to speak up.
"Im sorry, i know it will never work, im 15 your 20, im and idiot." I could feel the tears spilling down my cheeks. " Youre in love with me?" I started to cry harder, and nooded.
"Crissy dont cry." He lifted my head, wiped my tears and continued to talk, "i think i love you too, i dont know why i just met you, theirs something about you, something special. I shouldt love you like this, but i do."
My heart stoped. "you are?" He nooded, took my hand "I know we only met but i want to make you mine, so will you crissy please be my girlfirend?" I nooded and kissed him passionatlly.

That was my first day there, who would have though that day would change so much.
I smiled at these memories i love Niall with all my heart, am i ready to forgive him?

I decided to walk downstairs to get some water. Everything, and everyone was quiet. couldnt find Niall anywhere, nor Zayn.

As i walked into the kitchen i saw a trail of rose petals leading upto the kitchen counter. I walked up to it to find a note from niall.

to my lovely princess,
Im so sorry for what happened, i dont know what to say. I know you probally hate me, i dont blame you, right now i hate myself too.
I cant believe what i did to you.
I cant ask you to forgive me, but for once last chance.
I want to show you how much you mean to me.
Just follow the rose petals.
I looked around, found the trail, and followed them.

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