Another world

"Its going to be alright i promise"
I let out a small nervous laughed, looked into his eyes and whisperd "thankyou"

I wrote this like a year ago and just found it, so please dont hate :3


7. Im not your princess.

I ran down the road, and i saw Harry and Niall.
Harry cought me before i could go far.
"Crissy it will all be okay dont go" I let out a simple laugh.
"The only guy i ever loved, the only one who made me feek special cheated on me, Your fans keep sending me hate, you just think im some stupid kid who cant deal with shit!! I just hate my life right now, maybe the fans are right, i should kill my self" With that i tried to walk away before Niall cought me" Princess" i didnt let him finish "Im not your princess niall"
Now we were both crying.

"I love you so much i made a mistake please dont let me go i love you so much Crissy" beying without him hurt more than the fact he cheated on me,maybe i could give him one last chance?
"Crissy please, will you be my princess again?" His eyes were filled with hope.
"I dont know Niall you really hurt me, its hurts so much i just cant explain it." He started to cry even more.
"I promise i will never do ti again just please give me one more chance?" If i dont i will loose him forever, if i do he might cheat again "please" but cant live without him "okay" He picked me up and spun me around.

We walked back to his house, hand in hand.
I started having second thoughts about going back. "Niall i dont want to go" He took my hand "You dont have to talk to them, just walk into my room,i wont let go of you until were upstairs okay?"

"He put his hand around me and as we walked in the boys run to us "Crissy, can we talk?" i shoock my head and headed for the stairs. "You go on i need to talk to them" I left niall behind and walked upstairs into his room.

As i sat on his bed i got a text.
'Just go kill yourself already'

I broke down crying. I left my phone on the bed, while i got off and curled into a corner as the guys walk in.

"Princess, whats wrong?" Niall asks obviouslly upset.
'I think i know" said Liam, "wait...the text youve been getting, thats Danielles number"
I was in such soch all i could do was cry more.
Niall came up to me, scooped me up and carryed me to bed.


I just want to say i dont hate Danielle, i adore her, i just wanted to use her to be the bitchy one since everyone uses Eleanor.

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