Another world

"Its going to be alright i promise"
I let out a small nervous laughed, looked into his eyes and whisperd "thankyou"

I wrote this like a year ago and just found it, so please dont hate :3


6. He cheated on you?

I ran to the park and called Zayn.
"Hello love" I smiled at his responce.
"Hi zayn" I said,my voice cracking.
"What happened?" I started to cry even more.
"N-niall cheated on m-me"
"Why would he do that?"
"Because im just a stupid child, who has too much shit going on and should just die"
"No Crissy! dont say that. Where are you?"
"In t-the park"
"Be there in two" and he hung up.

I started to cry even more. Everything hurts. Esspecally my heart. I hate this feeling, i just want to hide in the background.
Two minouted passed and Zayn appeared. He run up to me and hugged me.
"Niall is nowhere to be found so come back to the house and well talk."

It started to rain, but the time we got back we were soaking wet.
Liam gave me some speak cothes (Nialls i think) and let me change.

I came down in his tshirt i was about to ask Zayn for a jumper to hide my wrists but Liam got a look at them and grabbed my hand. "Is this because of niall?" Me and Zayn told him the whole story, of me getting hate, to beying depress, to self harming.

"So let me get this strait" Liam started to speak " he cheated on you while you were depressed and needed you the most?" Harry hearing everything walked to the front door, grabing his jacked.
"Harry where are you going?" He walked up to me, gave me a kiss on the cheek and replied " to kill that douchebag" Before i could protest he walked out leaving me in tears.
Then Louis walked in, hearing everything also "I knew he would hurt you! youre too youngto deal with this!!" Now i was a mixture of sad and angry.
"So you think im just a stupid kid who cant deal? well its nice to know what the guys i lookn up to think of me" I took my jacked and run out.

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