Another world

"Its going to be alright i promise"
I let out a small nervous laughed, looked into his eyes and whisperd "thankyou"

I wrote this like a year ago and just found it, so please dont hate :3


13. Epilogue.

***6 years later***

Nialls POV.

I remember waking up this morning, my head was full of regrets, what ifs, thinking if i was making the right choice.
But right now, looking into her eyes, i know this is what i want. Me, her, us, forever.
"You may now kiss the bride"
We slowly leaned it, our kiss feeling like the first kiss ever.
I know in my heart this is ment to be.

All our fights, everything we did wrong, our ups and downs, led us to today, we wouldnt be who or where we are right now.

Crissys POV.

This is perfect. Me and Niall are married. To think this never would have happened if i didnt take that job.
I dont care about our age difference, it dossent matter, there are still people, and will always be who wants us apart, but if you felt the way we loved, you`d just let it be. (little mix song lyric hahaha).
Alot of one direction fans ask me for relationship helps, you know with age differences, i just tell them the same thing, if the time you spend together feels special, and magical. Youre ment to be. Who cares about an age gap when we love eachother.
Tonight im going to tell Niall im pregginant.
Now were married, a child on the way all thanks to that one day 6 years ago.



Soooooooooooo, what did everyone think of it???
Im sorry this story was kinda shit, ill try to make other ones better.

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