It all started with one question


He looked at me, "Where do you want to go? We can go anywhere you want, just point and I'll take you there".
It had only been a couple days sense Zayn and I got married and now are trying to plan our honeymoon with the little bit of time we had left with each other before he goes on tour with the boys. Honeymoon and then a tour, this was going to be a very busy next couple months.


4. Rumors


Niall, Zayn, Meredith and I stayed in Tabacco Caye for three weeks; everything was going perfectly for Niall and me. I wish that we never had to leave but we promised each other that we would be back again someday soon. The plane ride back was slow and cramped because we didn’t have much time to eat or rest. Soon enough we were back home and settling back into our homes.


I pulled on my running outfit and headed over to Irina’s because she said that we would start running twice a week together, we were always texting about how much we seat around in our free time, but never really did anything about it, which was fine with me until I realized how much time I had on my hands that I could have been doing productive things.

So I walked into their house and upstairs to see Irina still sleeping and Niall snoring next to her, which means she forgot, but that’s Irina for you. I grabbed one of their spare pillows from the floor and chucked it at Irina.

She groaned and turned away from Niall, I must not have hit her hard enough.  I grabbed another pillow and launched it back at her, within seconds she was sitting up straight wide eyed, looking around she saw me and picked up her own pillow hurling it at me and laughing when Niall groaned because she was laughing loudly.

 Niall grabbed their blanket and his pillow mumbling to himself, “Zayn was right, kicked to your couch in your own home sucks.” As soon as he exited the room Irina and I started laughing more. Irina walked into her bathroom and began brushing her teeth, in less than four minutes she was out of the bathroom; next she grabbed her running clothes and changed quickly while I waited outside her room.

We ran about three miles and stopped at one of the 7-11’s by our house. Irina picked up some Naked Juice and grabbed Vitamin Water for me, as we walked up to the counter I noticed a magazine with Zayn’s name on the cover. “Is Zayn Malik getting cold feet? See page 6 for more details” I flipped to page six and got maybe two sentences in before I was interrupted by the cashier, “Miss are you going to buy that?” I pulled money out of my pocket and walked out of the store. Irina handed me and looked at the magazine in my hand, “What’s that all about?” I shook my head; I didn’t even know that Zayn and Perrie were talking anymore. I couldn’t read it, what if there really was something going on with them, I couldn’t take that.

“Irina...Will you read it? Please, just in case something really is wrong…” I looked at her hoping she would say yes but part of me knowing she would read it even if she didn’t want to because I asked. She nodded slowly taking the magazine from me; I watched her reactions as she read the magazine hoping that she wouldn’t make it seem so horrible. I even tried to pick over to read it but she quickly pulled it away from me before I could even read one line. I sighed holding our drinks, and walking next to her as she read. When she was finished she closed the magazine, handed it back to me, and took a sip of her juice.

“Well?” I asked, the anticipation was killing me. I needed to know.

“It’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be, that’s all I can really tell you about it. You aren’t going to like it but it’s not enough to divorce him I’ll tell you that, he does need a good straightening out though, may I suggest letting e kick his butt” she laughed. Irina was trying to lighten the mood but I was too worried to really crack jokes. She noticed and quickly changed the subject, “I’ll race you back to the house?” this got me laughing as I shot in front of her running as quick as I could, Irina fast on my tail. By this point we were probably half a mile back to the house and I could feel myself getting tired, Irina jogged up next to me, “Let’s race home a block before we get there” she gasped. I nodded taking another sip of my Vitamin Water. Within the hour we were back home, I saw Irina’s house first and took off running, by the time I was at Irina’s house I saw her standing at the front door panting, “I. Win.” she said taking pauses so she could breath.

“How?” I managed to choke out. Irina held her finger up panting, “Short cut.” I laughed walking inside with her to find Niall sitting in the kitchen munching on grilled cheese sandwiches. Irina walked over to him and kissed him on the head. “You guys smell gross” he said chuckling as he kissed her quickly on the cheek. She hit him lightly in his arm as he walked away towards the sink, “Thanks babe.”

Niall looked at her, “Don’t be mean to the man who slaved many many hours to make you and your best friend grilled cheese sandwiches” after he set them on the counter top in front of us he set his fists on his hips and looked up to the sky as if he was Superman or something making Irina spit out some of her grilled cheese because she was laughing so hard. I chuckled at them, but soon enough I got up and put my plate in the sink, “I’m going to head home, thank you Niall for the wonderful food, Irina; I’ll keep you posted.”


Niall looked at me quizzically, “What was that about?” I shrugged and put my plate away. He walked up behind me, “My princess can’t lie to me you know that don’t you?”
I laughed and looked at Niall, “Let’s just say Zayn is in very big trouble.” He stepped back from my side and put his hand over his mouth making an ‘o’ face, “Ooooooooo… wait well shit, tomorrow we will check on them you know for damage control and possible cleaning up of what’s left of Zayn when she is done with him. I know that look and it comes with no peaches and sugar.” I shook my head, the phrase is peaches and cream darling” kissing him on the top of the head I walked towards our bathroom. I heard Niall yell from behind me, “that’s what I said peaches and cream, gosh babe why’d you say peaches and sugar.” That’s why I love this boy, no matter if he can’t remember sayings and he can’t really cook that well, but of course I’d never tell him that. It just means that I’ll be doing a lot of cooking because man can he eat.



I walked into our home, the home that held so many memories. Fortunately Zayn wasn’t home yet, so I slipped into the shower so I didn’t smell anymore, when I got out and changed into a pair of comfortable shorts and a tank top I sat down on our bed and looked at the magazine again. There a picture of Zayn and Perrie leaving somewhere, she was wearing a cropped black leather jacket, a white shirt, with a pick flowing one over and light blue jeans as she fixed her tied up hair, while Zayn was wearing dark blue jeans, a light blue denim over shirt and a plain white t-shirt.  He looked like he was running back to his car. This was the outfit that Zayn wore just the other week. I felt my blood begin to boil as I flipped to page six and started reading.

“Is Zayn Malik Getting Cold Feet?
By Joana Smith

Recently married Zayn Malik might not be feeling the love. He was spotted with his ex-girlfriend Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. They were dating for a few years before Zayn popped the question and Perrie said no, but it seems that was all for nothing. This isn’t the first time we have spotted Perrie and Zayn together in the last couple months, they’ve been seen shopping, sipping coffee, and hugging. The thing that makes this story so bad is that his wife (of a few months) hasn’t heard of anything relating to these ‘meetings’. A close friend to the couple (Zayn and Meredith) said, “I didn’t know that Zayn and Perrie were talking, and I can only assume Meredith didn’t know either because I haven’t heard anything about it from either of them.”

Does that mean the honeymoon is over even before it started, we asked one of Perrie’s closest girls on Little Mix; Jade who said this, “Perrie and Zayn never really lost touch after they ended, I guess we all assumed that they were just talking once in a while, she has been secretive about everything surrounding Zayn, but I haven’t noticed any big changes in her” another fellow Little Mix member had something to say, this was what Leanne had to tell us, “Zayn and Perrie are just spending time together, it’s nothing more than that, Zayn is a good guy and Perrie is happy with her life right now, she wouldn’t change a thing.”

As soon as the photos were leaked to the internet the fans took it upon themselves to ask around. Most of the tweets about this are fans telling him that they missed ‘Zerrie’. Even the hashtag #Zerriesback is trending on Twitter currently. Is Zerrie back in business or are they just friends? Give us your opinion on our website.”

Quickly I pulled out my computer and signed into my Twitter account, sure enough the hashtag was trending and my Twitter account was being flooded with questions, comments and “I’m sorry’s” about what was going on with Zayn, Perrie and I. This just wasn’t my day, I took a deep breath and gathered myself enough energy to Tweet out, “Thank you for all your condolences, I’ll get down to the bottom of this, keep you posted xoxo.” I didn’t know what to do now, I didn’t want to talk to Zayn about it right away, I wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything weird happening before I talked to him about it. I made some of my dad’s famous Mac n’ Cheese and sat down with my phone in one and the television remote in the other turning on the last episode of True Blood that I had been watching on Netflix.  It was my new guilty pleasure. I texted my sister asking how she was doing and telling her all about the magazine.

At about 3:30 Zayn walked through the door, “Hello baby” he said walking over to me and stealing a bite of my now cold Mac n’ Cheese. I sat up and paused my episode, “Where were you?” he looked at me with a spoonful of food in his mouth, “I was out visiting an old friend Meredith Grace, it’s nothing to worry about I swear. Mmmm is there more of this?” he kissed me on the top of my head and walked over to the kitchen scooping more food into my bowl and sitting down next to me.

Zayn had taken up calling me Meredith Grace, because that was my middle name and because of my new found love for John Green’s writing and his book “The Fault In Our Stars” where his main character’s name is Hazel Grace Landcaster, or as her friend called her, “Hazel Grace.”  

I sat far away from him, but before long he had pulled me back over to his side and I had my head leaning on his shoulder, I was getting tired. Zayn kept checking on me and right before I drifted off to sleep I saw the television change from my show to some motorcycle race, I tried punching Zayn in the arm for taking my show, but I guess I fell asleep first. 

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