It all started with one question


He looked at me, "Where do you want to go? We can go anywhere you want, just point and I'll take you there".
It had only been a couple days sense Zayn and I got married and now are trying to plan our honeymoon with the little bit of time we had left with each other before he goes on tour with the boys. Honeymoon and then a tour, this was going to be a very busy next couple months.


7. Preparation


Belize was full of snorkeling and colorful fish, sunsets by the beach, fruity drinks and early morning runs around the island. But it was time to leave our little slice of paradise because we had to prep for the tour and help pack up the boys things. The boys were going to be on the road and in many many planes throughout the next eight months. They all were first traveling around Britain and Europe then over to Australia with another band who they had befriended, named 5 Seconds of Summer. They all seemed nice, Niall would Skype them sometimes when the boys were together at Zayn's house and once or twice Irina and I had said hello but that was only just recently and they were all business oriented so we didn't intrude for long. It takes a lot more then I assumed to plan all of these things the boys are doing. But they’re a very dedicated bunch of boys and they’re doing it for their fans mostly; Zayn and the boys also have a great group of people behind them making sure that everything goes as planned.

Today Simon is over with the boys at Irina and Niall’s for another meeting, so I’m heading over with Zayn to say ‘hello’ and drop off some cookies that I made for them. I haven’t seen any of the other boys in a long time because they’ve been so focused on getting ready for the tour. Zayn is constantly up late working with the boys, Simon, the other band, and his ‘people’ to get the tour worked out. Not only that but four of the seven days that make up a week he wakes up early to go into meetings or to talk to someone to tweak things slightly, at first I woke up whenever he would leave or get on the phone for a few hours but lately I’ve been sleeping right through it. I feel bad because these boys must be under so much pressure; I think Zayn has started smoking more again which is never good.


Why do people have to wake up so early, I know that they have work to get done and that they aren’t over much either, but my gosh it’s fucking 9:00 am, no one in their right mind is up this early by choice, I hope. Quickly I brushed my teeth and pulled my hair into a ponytail, I was still in my pajama shorts and t-shirt from last night, then I walked down stairs and was greeted by five pairs of eyes, but I was only looking for one pair; Niall’s. He met my eyes and got up to greet me much to Simon’s dismay. Pulling me to his side he kissed the top of my head, I giggled and swerved out of his grasp and over to the coffee maker, which being the only good thing about so many people in my house so early was already hot by the time I was up and back downstairs.

Walking away from the boys I felt two pairs of eyes on me, and looking out of the corner of my eye I saw both Harry and Niall looking at me I shook my head. This is why I don’t like people in my house, I can’t wear shorts without people staring, well Niall does that all the time but it’s different, because he is my boyfriend. I turned around quickly with the coffee pot in one hand and my coffee mug in the other, facing the boys, “What are we all meeting about today boys?” pouring my coffee up to about the top I put the coffee pot back and walked over towards the fridge so I could grab some cream. Louis spoke up, “well, right now we are waiting for Zayn, but we will be working on the places we will be staying, we need to set up hotel rooms, plane tickets, personal expenses, if we are publically flying or flying just us, locations of the hotel rooms, where security is staying, who will help us other than Paul as we travel, when we are meeting up with the other boys and where, if family, friends, ad girlfriends can come by and see a couple shows; not to mention everything else, we don’t have much time left before we go on tour you know.”

I was really looking forward to have a day in to be lazy and watch movies on my sofa cuddling up with Niall and some snacks, but that wasn’t going to happen today. I sighed, “So I guess that means I have to be out of the house today… Right?”

Niall got back up off of the sofa and walked over to me grabbing my waist and kissing me quickly on the lips, “I promise that we can have our alone time more tonight, we can have a down night if you want,” Niall smiled and then moved his lips so that his breath was on my neck, whispering he said this to me, making sure that I was the only one who heard him, “if not we can do other stuff too if you know what I mean.”

A shiver erupted throughout my body from the image but I shook it out of my mind as quickly as I could. Maybe Meredith and I could take a spa day to ourselves so that we can relax and have some time to ourselves, the whole tour thing wasn’t as stressful for us as it was for the boys, but it was still stressful because the boys have been so high strung lately. I might just go and steal Meredith and Zayn’s sofa for today. They have never really minded it before, and she did the same thing to me the other week when Zayn’s house was used for the meetings. Meredith and Zayn seem to have a knack for showing up when I’m thinking about them or talking about them, because right now Meredith and Zayn walked through the door with a large plate of homemade brownies.

I think that is just what these boys need, a nice home cooked meal, they have been eating tones and tones of takeout food and pizza because of the whole staying up late doing work things. Just as Niall has treated me on special occasions, I will give him one back. I know that they must have some fair schedule on who buys lunch one day and who buys it the next, not that they really need that kind of cap on their money.

Meredith and I, we haven’t tried changing our spending habits, regardless of the boys. From time to time they will buy us things but it’s never asked for unless they go grocery shopping, which honestly is rarely ever, in fact I don’t let Niall go grocery shopping anymore. He never comes back with real food; it’s mostly junk food and over 80% of the time, some sort of alcohol. 

I grabbed Meredith’s plate of brownies and dropped them into Liam’s lap. “Share,” I warned him before dragging Mere off to the side where I knew the boys couldn’t hear me, “we need to make a kick-ass dinner for the boys, three main courses, salad, sides, dessert the works!”

“So we will make a simple salad, lasagna and chocolate lava cake, which combined is not a bad dinner. It’s easy but also looks like it takes a bunch of effort. Win for us and win for them,” she said, “But I doubt you guys have much materials to make any of this, so we need to go by the store, which also means we need to get out of here now,” Meredith was right, we didn’t have any kind of things to make the food we wanted to make for them.

I walked back over with Mere to where the boys were perched for today, “We’re on our way out, and you guys have fun or try to. But we have to run; we will be back later with something for you guys!” walking over to Niall I gave him what we call a ‘spider-man kiss’ where he sat and I stood on my tip toes behind him, and leaned down to kiss him. “Bye sweetie, we will see you later” I said as Meredith said her goodbyes to Zayn and grabbed her car keys. I didn’t like driving all that much, and although I’d had my license for more than a couple years, I didn’t drive much. If I could I would bus or walk because my driving made me feel a little uncomfortable.

We made a grocery list, for both our homes, and for dinner.

Zayn and Meredith

Wine and Whiskey



Chicken, beef, and steak cuts for dinner as well as shrimp

Cans of soup


White cheddar cheese, orange cheddar cheese, and parmesan

Carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, and black olives


Red Wine & White Wine

Chocolate and powdered sugar


Tomatoes sauce, and crushed tomatoes

Lasagna noodles

Green Apples and carrots

Mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta cheese

Heavy whipping cream, and vanilla extract

Niall and Irina

Whiskey and Vodka

Cheddar cheese


Raspberries, Strawberries, and melon



Basil, garlic, parsley, heavy whipping cream and pine nuts

Green apples, Fiji apples, and Champaign grapes

The grocery store was relatively busy, but we got in out of there in about 45 minutes. Which for three different lists wasn’t bad at all; getting back to the house I grabbed my groceries and walked into my home where the boys sat in the same place, but a different order than before. I looked into the first bag which had, or fruits, and berries. I washed the apples and the grapes before putting them into our fruit bowl, the berries I combined and put into a large bowl covered with plastic wrap.

Next I put the vegetables in the fridge and then walked back towards the counter where the heavy whipping cream still sat. Louis walked over to me and grabbed one of my green apples, “I see you’re making whipping cream for you and Niall later, huh?” he smirked after taking a bite of my apple. Louis was always making little jokes like, so I’d become used to it.

“You just wish El would do it for you,” I retorted back, Meredith and I had shit to do; I really didn’t need him poking at me.

He looked at me and took another bite of the apple, chewing thoroughly and then winking, “you don’t need to worry about me sweetie, and just so you know I am very much a satisfied man.”

Harry’s eyes rolled as he walked into the kitchen as well, “got anything to help with this day?” Harry seemed to be in a sour mood, and I wasn’t sure if it was because of the whole conversation with Louis or if it was the stress level from the upcoming tour.

I handed Harry some coffee and sent him back to the boys while Louis perched by the groceries and handed things to me one by one so that I could put them away. Niall came into the kitchen next as I was grabbing the Vodka and the Whiskey and putting it high up into the cabinet, “baby want to give me some of that?” he asked looking at the alcohol in my hands. I nodded and grabbed the whiskey from the back of the cabinets.

“Tell the boys to finish this one if they want something,” I gave Niall the glasses for them, “I’m heading back out again, see you later love” I kissed Niall on the cheek and hit his butt lightly pushing him further towards the living room.

“You won’t be able to get away with that later,” he teased winking and walking back into the living room. I chuckled grabbing my coat and walking out the door, “see you all later,” I called back to the boys.

“Mere!” I screamed opening her door and walking towards the kitchen. She was putting the last bit of her groceries away and the ingredients for our food were sitting on the counter, “time to get to work?” I asked rising my eyebrow.

“Let’s do it,” she laughed.



“I wonder what those girls are up to, they never just leave us alone all day and Irina doesn’t usually give you the bottle to split with us, because she thinks we aren’t being professional or something,” I was curious, there was something going on. Meredith and Irina were planning something.

“Zayn let it be man, it’s a good day, we are getting our work done and when we finish this bottle we can have some beers,” Niall said patting my back and pouring more whiskey into my glass.

Maybe he was right, this wasn’t a bad thing, and we have been getting a lot done today. Even Louis seems to be less stressed out than he was earlier today. I took a sip of my whiskey that Niall had given to me, and feeling that familiar burn in the bottom of my throat clamed my nerves slightly. 

Simon is wrapping up our last bit of work for today and said good bye quickly so that he could get back to his family who were waiting with dinner at home. I’ve done my best not to be drunk around Meredith, which is why I’ve began pacing myself more than I used to. I know that most of the time it makes her a little anxious when I’m drunk. Niall is different, he doesn’t care, and I doubt Irina cares much either because I know that he would pace himself too if she asked.

Things have been going our way for a long time now, almost seems like too long. Everything is too quiet, the only thing that’s been changing is counting down the days until the tour and wondering how things with the girls are going to work. Harry and Louis seem to have something going on with them again, there is always tension between the two of them for whatever reason and Liam doesn’t seem to spend much time with me anymore. It sounds girly I know but me and Payne-o (as Niall calls him) hung out a lot more before Meredith came along… I know that when Meredith and I first started he wasn’t really our biggest fan, but now there is something else. I can feel it. Things keep evolving, and unfolding before my eyes, but whenever things like this happens it’s too late, and I end up losing someone or something important to me.

I’m going to lose my mind if I don’t get time with just Meredith soon.



Irina and I walked into Niall’s house; I was carrying the wine, and the salad, while Irina had the lasagna and the lava cakes. We hadn’t baked the cakes nor did we bake the lasagna for as long as it should have, so we decided to move over to where the boys were, and put the lasagna in for ten more minutes while we set the table and got ready for dinner.

“We come barring food!” Irina said laughing, as Niall walked over kissing her on the cheek and grabbing the lasagna from her.

“Sorry lads, my girl only made food for me tonight, I hope you guys brought yourselves food,” he stuck his tongue out as Irina set down the lava cakes.

“No darling,” she stole the lasagna back from him and held it close to her chest, “this is for all of you, remember, sharing is caring,” she mocked him by sticking out her tongue. He sighed heavily and went to sit back down with the boys who were all by now eyeing the food.

I walked back into the entry room and grabbed the other lasagna that we had set down so that we could get n without falling. This one had been cooked already and smelled pretty damn good if you ask me. Walking back into the kitchen and past the boys towards the dining room I placed the lasagna down on the table that had been set with silverware and glasses. Next Irina walked in with plates and napkins, “we should let the boys come in now I think they’re losing their minds out there with the smell of food.” She was right; I could practically hear Zayn thinking about when he was able to have some of this food.

“Boys!” Irina said walking back into the living room with me, “Food is ready, come and get it!”

They all jumped up and practically ran towards the dining room, while Irina and I stood there slightly dazed but giggling. I grabbed the open wine bottles that we had left on the counter top and I heard Irina say, “Niall James Horan you put that serving spoon down right now!” her footsteps got quieter and I knew she was in there scolding Niall for starting without us. I chuckled at them, then I felt strong arms wrap around my waist and the scent of my favorite cologne engulf my senses, “thank you doll, you’re amazing. This is just what the boys needed,” Zayn nuzzled his face into my neck.

“Is it not what you need?” I said turning around to face him, still holding the wine bottles between us.

“I have everything I need right here, well most everything, but that will come later I’m sure,” he cooed, “We should get out there or Niall is going to start eating everything in sight” I chuckled knowing he was right. Giving him the wine bottles and shooing him towards the dining room to sit down I grabbed the other lasagna from the oven and walked it over for us to eat. This was a great end to a rather stressful week. 

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