It all started with one question


He looked at me, "Where do you want to go? We can go anywhere you want, just point and I'll take you there".
It had only been a couple days sense Zayn and I got married and now are trying to plan our honeymoon with the little bit of time we had left with each other before he goes on tour with the boys. Honeymoon and then a tour, this was going to be a very busy next couple months.


11. I made the right choice


I walked into my house looking around at everything that was here. Not much had changed sense I first stepped through the door, everything was in close to the same place, the furniture was in about the same spot, and there was almost no touch of me anywhere. Zayn had been up, I knew it because there was a coffee cup on the counter and the living room had been picked up. I dropped my keys in the little bowl by the front door and stepped out of my shoes, I really needed a shower.

The whole house looked cleaner than before I left, I wonder how long he had been up. It was only 9:00 am. He couldn’t have been up for that long. I walked into our room to see Zayn standing by the window laughing with some curvy, blonde girl. I made a quick noise and Zayn turned to me, “Oh I thought you’d be out until later, I assumed that was why you got up early,” his face fell and looked at the girl who was now facing toward me. She had blonde hair that hung down by her shoulders her figure was close to perfect; she had a small nose and large blue eye, with a small set of rosy lips.

I shook my head at them, at him and at her, letting another women stand in our room laughing with him. She smiled widely revealing perfectly straight teeth, “My name is April, and you must be Meredith. I’ve heard loads about you!” I looked at her one last time before walking out of the room. I grabbed my phone from the counter and texted Irina to get over here right now. She opened the door within two minutes, “I...I ran… What… Do… You… Want?” she was sighing between her words.

“Go look upstairs,” I said.


Meredith told me to walk upstairs; I walked into their room and saw Zayn standing with some girl. I glared at him, and her.

“Who in the hell are you and what are you doing in my best friend and HER husband’s room?” I tapped my foot at the women standing in front of me.

“Excuse me?” she said stepping towards me.

“Oh did your pretty little ears not hear me?” I walked closer to her so I was inches from her face, “Who in the hell are you and what are you doing in my best friend and HER husband’s room!”

“My name is April, you didn’t need to shout you know, it’s rude” she stepped back from me and towards Zayn.

I laughed, “That’s not what is rude in this room sweetheart. Just get out. You have no place here and you know that, you know that Zayn will never love you and he doesn’t want anything to do with you. So get your…” I looked at her again one last time, “little ass out of here. Oh and Zayn stay here we need to talk.”

Zayn gulped and April walked out of the door giving me a smirk as she passed. I gave her a half smile and then turned to Zayn who had a very incriminating look on his face. I poked my head out of the door and yelled down the stairs art her, “don’t fuck with Meredith on your way out or you’ll have me to deal with!”


April walked out the door grabbing her coat that was draped over the chair. I walked over to the kitchen, and then I grabbed a mug from our cabinet and turned the stove on so I could make some coffee. I hope that Irina and Niall are doing better than Zayn and I seem to be doing right now. Irina walked downstairs and sighed, “Give me some of that,” she grabbed the coffee that I hadn’t taken a sip of yet and looked up at me; still not releasing the coffee cup, “go see your husband.”


Meredith walked into the room slowly, holding her arms close to her chest and her hands on the middle of her stomach. She looked up at me and timidly said, “Hi”.

I sat down on our bed and pulled her over to me so she sat on my lap, “how are you doing Meredith Grace” I asked.

“Not good,” she replied simply, tracing circles in my arm.

“I want to tell you what that was but I can’t yet because I’m not done yet, so please just let it go for a little until I can tell you what I have up my sleeve, can you trust me?” I asked looking her in the eyes.

She nodded and gave me a quick kiss on my lips. I kissed her again, but with more passion then she had kissed me. Her lips quivered before falling back into mine and continuing to kiss me just as I had been kissing her moments before. I felt a sigh reach past my lips as I lay her onto the bed, I broke away to look at her before anything happened. She nodded to me and pulled me back to her, cupping my face in her hands and kissing me again. I kept my hands up by her shoulders as hers laced around my waist and pulled my shirt up.


I was still standing in their kitchen to see if Mere needed anything when Niall walked through the door and looked at me, “What are you doing here princess?” he said.

“I’m helping Mere, her and Zayn were fighting but I haven’t heard anything from Mere and neither her nor Zayn have come downstairs yet,” I sighed walking over to Niall and giving him a hug.

Niall returned the hug and looked at me kissing me quickly before I saw his eyes widen, “um we should go on home I’m sure they’re fine,” I looked at him quizzically. “I mean I’m sure they have a lot of making up to do to each other” his eyes widened again, as if I was supposed to read his mind.

My brain processed what he just said and I made a face, “yes let’s,” Niall grabbed my hand and lead me out the door and towards our house. “What are we doing today Niall?” I asked walking next to him.

“Let’s go out, we don’t have much longer until the tour, and I don’t want to spend all this time cooped up like chickens,” he laughed.

I laughed too, Niall had that kind of laugh, and once he started laughing anyone within earshot (which sometimes was a long ways) would at least chuckle along with him. “I’ll grab my keys from inside and then we can go,” Niall stood at the car as I ran inside to get Niall’s coat, my wallet and the keys. I ran back outside and threw the keys in his direction, “you’re driving Horan.”

As I stepped into the car and had closed my door I turned to him and gave him a quick kiss, he looked at me and said, “one day I’ll be able to tell you that as well missy” I blushed and looked down at my hands. He always had a way with words that I didn’t quiet seem to grasp. I looked at him again, he was still looking at me, I still get uncomfortable when he does that because I don’t like people looking at me for that long so I turned the radio on and cranked the volume up to an ear splitting frequency, the radio started playing “Boss” by Fifth Harmony and I could help but sing at the top of my lungs as Niall pulled out of our drive way.


Zayn moved from above me and lay down next to me offering his arm which he put around my waist and pulled me closer to his side. I propped myself up on one of my elbows and draped my arm over his chest looking at the man lying in front of me, with small beads of sweat appearing on his forehead and his chest rising and falling, I saw his stubble, which meant he hadn’t shaved in a few days. I love him.

Zayn cannot be the love that is killing me; his love had to be the love that was saving me. I always knew that, but I don’t understand why there was even a doubt to begin with, he had always been there for me through a lot more than most others could say, Emmett had no hold over me, I let him go completely in this moment looking at Zayn and realizing that nothing could touch us. We were learning to build each other up and fix those broken pieces that sadly, we had been hiding for too long.

Zayn, well he saw the best and the worst parts of me, he had met my crazy family and embraced my crazy while still loving me just the same. Love like that doesn’t go away, it doesn’t change. A love like that, it’s made to last a lifetime and that is what I have here with Zayn a whole lifetime to learn more about him and get to know those parts of him that he doesn’t even know about yet. That is why I know that nothing about Zayn is wrong, because I accepted him for everything that he is, was, and will be. I know that the man he was before me will not be the man he is with me and I know that I didn’t have to change him to do that. This man, this Zayn was here all along, I don’t think they had met yet. Bringing out parts in the people you love is always a gift like that. Zayn and I both got to learn about each other while learning about ourselves at the same time, it is a beautiful thing. And no one is going to make me doubt that again because when I look at him, either when he is lying here before me like this, or when he just wakes up or even when he makes gross faces when he brushes his teeth I will see these things and I will love him more and more with each passing day.

So after looking at Zayn for a good five minutes, I settled in next to him with my head on his chest and drifted off into a blissful sleep knowing that I had made the right choice.   

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