It all started with one question


He looked at me, "Where do you want to go? We can go anywhere you want, just point and I'll take you there".
It had only been a couple days sense Zayn and I got married and now are trying to plan our honeymoon with the little bit of time we had left with each other before he goes on tour with the boys. Honeymoon and then a tour, this was going to be a very busy next couple months.


10. Emmett (full)



No one’s point of view

The night sky seemed to be getting darker all around her. The streets on London were being flooded with rain and the sweater she was wearing was now soaking wet. The streets were empty, and the only thing that was still open was a tiny diner, she walked inside pulling the door open and sitting at a booth. Spreading the jacket out next to her and picking up a menu she looked around the little diner for the first time. There was hardly anyone here either, but that made sense to her seeing that it was nearly 5 in the morning. He sat down on the other side of the booth and grabbed a menu that was in the middle of the table. “It’s been a long time hasn’t it,” he peered over at her with his eyes above the menu. She nodded, not wanting to truly acknowledge that he was sitting across from her. But she looked up and saw those blue eyes that she had tried to ignore.

“How have you been?” his hand crept towards the middle of the table trying to reach for her.  
“I have been amazing until you got here and messed everything up,” she shook her head and looked at the wedding ring on her finger.
“That was supposed to be my ring on that finger,” he said moving his brown hair back away from his face.
“I would have never married someone like you,” she said pulling her hand towards her chest to protect it from his gaze.
Shaking his head he looked down at the seat, “Then why are you sitting here with me now while your husband sleeps peacefully in the bed you share and the house you two built together?”
“You know exactly why I’m sitting here Emmett, don’t act like you don’t remember these past few days”
“Of course I do, I just love to hear you tell it,” Emmett propped himself up with his elbows resting on the table top and staring at her, “even though you think you don’t you knew me better than I knew myself Meredith, I never doubted that.”
“You never doubted that I knew you? Of course I knew you Emmett, knowing you has caused every bad thing in my life to unfold before my eyes. I won’t let you have that kind of power over me anymore.”




“He told me that he had heard that one of us had gotten married and looked into it, finding it out it was me he looked further into it and found a picture of us. The next thing he did was buy a plane ticket down here so that he could see you. When I was out getting us food, I ran into him outside of the 7-11 and we got into it. He just came up and punched me and then started telling me that I had taken you from right under his nose, that you to every really broke up and that he would fight to get you back. I was quick to get up and fight with him after that, but towards the end I looked down at him and his busted face, I pulled myself off of him and spat at him, but on my way back to the car with the bags in hand he yelled after me.

He told me that whenever you’re with me, you would have been thinking about him, that everything we have done you will compare to what happened with him, and that I could never replace the space in your heart that you still hold only for him,” I sighed and put my hand to the back of my neck rubbing it slightly, “I walked back over to him and kicked him in the head, then he didn’t say anything anymore, I knocked him out… But I was driving home and went to the bar for a few minutes before having a couple smokes outside; I decided to take the long way home because everything that he had told me I kept thinking about. It just got me angrier and angrier, when I got home and saw you it all came crashing down on me again, he is an ex-boyfriend I know that for sure now, but who is he?”

The girl in front of me sighed a heavy sigh before taking my hands in hers and looking at the ring on her finger, “he is just someone I used to know,” but she had never been good at lying to me and she knew that so she sighed again and looked up at me, “he is exactly what you said; an ex-boyfriend. His home life was a little rocky and he always had a bit of a temper which I learned about too late. I knew him in my late years of high school, and I was with him until the end of my freshman year into college. We had a rocky relationship, but he was my first real kiss, and real relationship. Not my first anything else, that was you Zayn.He took some cheap ass job as far as I knew after we broke up, I had thought about reaching out to him and telling him how much he had hurt me but I also needed to thank him because he made me stronger and helped me see what I wanted in a relationship. I never really knew what happened to him, but a couple months ago I heard that he was back in Irina and my home state so I knew he was far away…” she stopped knowing that I would be mad that she had heard about him and still hadn’t told me anything.

I dropped her hands. “I can’t do this right now Meredith, I’m going to go to bed. This is all too much,” shaking my head I got up and tossed rest of the bottle down my throat before dunking it into the trashcan. Pulling my shirt over my head I walked over to my side of the bed and pulled the covers out, leaving Meredith sitting on the end of the bed on her side. Sighing as I was wrapped in the recognizable feeling of our covers I kept my back to Meredith and pretended to fall asleep.

She moved and picked her phone up from the dresser where she had put it before. Dialing someone she paced around the room waiting for them to pick up, they didn’t pick up though so she was forced to leave a voicemail where the only thing she said was, “umm… so we need to talk… so call me back when you get this... yeah” and hung up.

Her footsteps faded and I knew she was in the bathroom, the water began running and I could hear her brushing her teeth. When the water stopped running I heard her footsteps get louder again. She came back to bed and sat down, I felt the bed shift as she moved towards me but stopped and lay back down on her side of the bed with her back touching mine. Maye the boys and I leaving on the tour soon was for the best right now.



Zayn is so mad at me, but I can’t really do anything about it. I didn’t tell him when I should have and me learning that he was in our home town again and not telling Zayn was bad too. I have to get this all straightened out. He doesn’t have any place in my life anymore; Zayn is the man I’m spending the rest of my life with. I’m going to get up early tomorrow and make breakfast for him; I haven’t done that in a long time.



“You can’t keep checking up on me and waiting for me Emmett, I don’t love you, I don’t want to be with you,” I was being honest with him, he managed to screw up everything I built in only 48 hours, but I was to blame as well.

“You can’t honestly tell me that you don’t love me Mere, there is something about me that you will always be drawn to; you and I both know that,” he looked at me putting the menu down.

“No I can’t tell you that. But I love Zayn so much more that you are insignificant in my life. Please just let me be happy and move on with your life Emmett,” at this point I just wanted to go home and lay with my husband in our bed and fall asleep in his arms.

“I’ll leave when you let me go from your life,” he commented taking a sip of the water that the waitress had set for us.

“I have... I let you go a long time ago,” I replied back.

He laughed looking at me in the eyes, “If you had really let me go, you wouldn’t be here Meredith.”




[A/N: Still Meredith]

I had made six pancakes and two omelets as well as coffee, orange juice and some sliced fruit for breakfast by the time Zayn had gotten up and was out of the shower. He walked downstairs and smelled the food coming from the kitchen.

I moved from behind the counter to go say good morning and give him a kiss but he saw me and his face fell, so I stepped back to my original place behind the counter, “Good morning,” I said smiling at him.

“Morning,” he replied gruffly, taking a bite of pancake Zayn picked up the plate of food and walked towards the door, “I’m going to take this to go you understand doll, busy day and all.”

With that he was gone, going to one of the boys houses, on a day that they had off. I cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast and threw the rest of my food into the trashcan. The rain was pouring down outside and I couldn’t help but feel a little gloomy.  I know that I should have told Zayn that I knew where Emmett was, it wasn’t fair of me not to, but he was so far away from my thoughts that I didn’t even think about it.

I walked over to the music room, and then to small keyboard that we had leaning onto the far wall, picking it up I played a few keys to the song Trumpets by Jason DeRulo; Zayn had sung it to me one night when we were just sitting in bed laughing and enjoying each other’s company. As I listened to him sing that night I couldn’t help but laugh at almost every line because they seem so randomly placed together, but they also manage to sound sweet. His high notes gave me goose bumps and his voice made me swoon, but that is nothing new to anyone who has heard the boy’s music.

“I always knew you were musically talented,” I heard a voice from behind me, but it wasn’t the familiar voice of Zayn or any of the boys. It was Emmett, in my house, in Zayn’s house; in our house. How did he get in here?

I turned quickly but no one was there, I must have just been hearing things. But as I looked back over I saw him there, standing by the window looking out. “Nice view” Emmett said nonchalantly.

“Nice view? Get out of my house!” I screamed throwing the closest thing to me, which just so happened to be a pillow.

He stepped to the side avoiding my previously thrown pillow, “come on Mere that’s no way to treat a guest, you know that,” he smirked.

“You’re no guest in my house. Get out. Zayn is going to be home soon and if he sees you in here he will kill you” I warned, hoping that it sounded for threatening then I thought it did in my head.

Emmett shook his head and walked out of the room, “I like it here, plus I know he isn’t coming back anytime soon he went to some guy’s house a little bit up the street,” Emmett walked into the room that I shared with Zayn, “Cute room. Oh, cute pajamas too,” he said pointing down at some of my more frilly bra & underwear sets that Zayn had bought or me a while ago. Blushing a bright shade of red I began throwing clothes into the basket so he couldn’t see anymore.

 He walked around some more looking at all of the pictures of me and Zayn that hung around the walls, and on the dresser, with a picture of me and Irina, and pictures of the other boys, “Cute friend group too, it seems you have your life figured out doesn’t it Meredith?”

“My life was perfect until you got here. Now get out.” Emmett stepped out of Zayn and my room as I shut the door behind us, then he started walking downstairs and over to the pancakes I had made for Zayn and I this morning. “What do you want Emmett?” I asked snatching the plate of extra food away from him and dumping it into the garbage can.

“I can’t see my favorite girlfriend?” he asked smiling at me.

“No. Not if that EX-girlfriend is married. No you cannot,” I responded with a sigh.

He sat down on the chair that faced the kitchen sink while I tried to ignore him by doing the dishes, “If Zayn finds you here he will-“

“I will what Meredith?” Zayn’s voice echoed through our house, “What is he doing here. Tell me. Now.”

“I don’t know ask him!” I shouted at Zayn before slamming the plates I was holding into the sink and cutting up my hand, “FUCK” my hand was bleeding. I grabbed a washcloth and wrapped it around my hand quickly. “Emmett get the fuck out of my house right now or I swear to fucking god I will call the cops and get you forcefully removed. Zayn stay here we need to talk and will you two fucking move!? All you’re doing is sitting here staring at me… What is there something funny on my face, do you not understand the English language? No clearly not so MOVE NOW” Emmett and Zayn stood there for a few more seconds before shuffling off.

“See you later beautiful,” Emmett called as he went out the door.

Zayn came over to help with my hand, “why did you let him in our house?” he said as gingerly as possible.

“I didn’t. He let himself in. He has been watching the house. He saw you leave and then waited until he knew it was safe. I told him to get out, but he gave himself a personal tour of the house,” I said grabbing the first aid kit from one of the upper cabinets. Zayn grabbed my hand and began wrapping it.

“I only came home because Liam pointed the car out to me and I never saw anyone go in or out of it so I got worried, I wanted to make sure everything was okay, then I saw him there and I got angry, but you smashed those plates down and the only thing I wanted to do was help you,” Zayn looked at me, “I’m incredibly mad with you Meredith and at this point I don’t know what is going to happen with us, but I want you to promise me you won’t see him anymore, if he comes into the house you lock yourself into our room and you call me, and if I can’t get to you in ten minutes or less you call the cops and I’ll be on my way right behind them okay?” I nodded, “Good,” he sighed putting my hand onto my lap and picking me up before setting me down onto the chair where Emmett previously sat. He grabbed the rest of the broken dishes and threw them into the garbage can.

“Zayn…” I said staring at this beautiful man in front of me.

“Yes Meredith Grace?” he replied back looking me in the eyes.

“Nothing, I’m just happy you are speaking to me again,” I smiled, pushing back what I really wanted to say. I have to go meet Emmett, there is so many things I need to say before I can truly let him go. But that is nothing that Zayn needs to worry about, he would just tell me not to go. Irina would do the same thing, I have to go alone, this is my decision and no one would understand.


No one’s Point of View

They spent the rest of the day talking and watching television, at about 4 o’clock Zayn and Meredith started listening to music and dancing around the house like they did on happier occasions. But their moment didn’t last long; because Simon called an emergency meeting about the tour so Zayn had to leave, he gave Meredith a kiss on the forehead before heading up the door. Meredith watched as he walked away from the house and quickly grabbed her phone that had been sitting on the counter for the whole day.

There was a message from Irina telling Meredith that she saw Emmett driving away from the house as she was driving in. Meredith closed the app on her phone for her messages, but quickly opened it again when the notification didn’t go away. There was another text, which read “you know who this is, when you make up your mind you can call me” she knew it was Emmett. Meredith was quick to call him, facing towards the stairs that lead up to Zayn and her bedroom. The phone kept ringing but the familiar voice that she had heard earlier answered,

“Aw Mere, I’m surprised you called so soon”

“Don’t flatter yourself Emmett; I just want to get this over with”

“Of course darling, what can I do for you?”

“We need to meet, someone tomorrow, but early in the morning because Zayn gets up early”

“As you wish” Emmett responded “how about 5 in the morning?”

“It’s a date”

Meredith hung up her phone and turned towards the door which was slightly open, feeling paranoid she was quick to close it and walk around the house making sure that the windows and the other doors were closed as well. She spent the rest of the day watching the television show True Blood and snacking on left over pasta.

It was about eleven when Zayn got home, Meredith was asleep soundly on the coach, and Zayn picked her up then brought her upstairs with him where he laid her down on their bed. He kicked off his shoes and changed into sweatpants; next he walked around to his side of the bed pulling out one of the drawers and grabbed some papers from underneath it. He re-read them before setting them back in their original spot and tucking himself into bed.

Meredith waited until she knew that he was asleep before she got up and walked around their room for a little, looking at all the pictures that held so many memories, and wondering if she was doing the right thing tonight. Then she began picking up more of the things that were on the floor, she saw Zayn’s drawer open, and shut it quietly.

Zayn turned around to face her in his sleep, and she looked at him too, this man had loved her through everything and asked nothing in return, this man made her happy on her worst days, this man kept her safe when everything seemed to be falling apart. What about now, when everything could fall all around her and there was no one here to help her.

Meredith tucked a strand of Zayn’s hair that had fallen back into its place before moving to the sunroom where she picked up some of the papers and organized the others. She folded the blankets up and set them down on the bed that was by their large window. The books she stacked back up in the corner of the room, and then she walked back into the room that Zayn and her exchanging her shirt for a sweater, and her leggings for a pair of jeans. She could hear Zayn screaming for her to stay and asking her why she felt she needed to do this. That question didn’t have an answer that Meredith could give, for she didn’t quite know why she was going to leave.

She stepped out of their room as his words became too overwhelming for her to hear. She was scattered, and wasn’t what to do until five. So she walked around a bit more, looking at their living room and thinking about the party that Meredith and Irina had gone to before Zayn and Meredith were really dating. Looking around to the kitchen she remembered all of those nights when the boys would come over and have a nice dinner filled with laughter and good memories. The counter tops reminded of her about the times that Zayn would try to cook and burn something so she would order pizza and they would sit on those counter tops just talking and laughing.

The sofa reminded her of the movie nights with Zayn, along with the movie nights with Irina and the times that the boys were here to plan for the tour. Meredith sat down in the middle of the sofa and sighed. Looking around for what could be the last time. She pulled out her phone and thought about calling Irina and telling what she was deciding to do, but Irina would just try and talk her out of it and at this point Meredith didn’t need that, she had made up her mind.

Instead Meredith took a blank piece of paper from the drawer and a pen from the counter that had been left out from the night before. On the paper she wrote everything to Zayn that she would need to say if things didn’t go well, and slipped it back into her pocket. Sighing deeply she took the extra piece that was under the first and wrote, “Never forget, a love like this can never die.”

Soon enough it was 5 o’clock in the morning.


Present (about 6 o’clock in the morning)



“I let go of you Emmett I’ve told you that. I’m here to get you to go. I’m not here to get back together with you. Zayn and I have built a life up for ourselves here and I’m in love with everything he is and so much more,” I said looking down at my hands again.

“Meredith you can’t keep lying to him, I know you think about me, I know you wonder and play what if’s when you sit awake at night. I do it too, the difference is that I know what I’m doing, you just can’t seem to convince yourself that you were always meant to be with me,” Emmett took my left hand and looked closely at my wedding ring, “marriages do not have to be forever you know that right?”

“I know that marriages can fail yes…”

“Good, then your mind is still open. If you want me you know where to reach me. You know that our love that we may or may not still have could never compare to the love you have with him. He will never be there for you like I was. He will never quite know you like I do Meredith, do you want to know why?” he asked, and I was quick to nod, “He will never know you the way I do because I got the unedited version of you. I got the real Meredith, quirks, flaws, habits and all. He got you after me, and after someone else… He has the you that you learned to become after everything that I put you through and the guy you dated after me. He has the you who still worries that one day he is going to break your heart like you’re breaking his, and that is the truth to it Meredith. You have to understand that love.. well it will kill you and save you both”

“Whose love is saving me, and whose is killing me?” I asked looking at Emmett and pulling my hand away.

“That’s for you to decide”

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