It all started with one question


He looked at me, "Where do you want to go? We can go anywhere you want, just point and I'll take you there".
It had only been a couple days sense Zayn and I got married and now are trying to plan our honeymoon with the little bit of time we had left with each other before he goes on tour with the boys. Honeymoon and then a tour, this was going to be a very busy next couple months.


3. Belize


Zayn and I had just gotten over to Belize City with Irina and Niall, after grabbing the bags and heading towards the car we drove down towards Dangriga which was another city in Belize. Irina had been here before and was sure that this was the right way.  As we stepped onto the streets on Dangriga a rush of fans came up to Niall and Zayn and began speaking to them in a mix of Spanish and Creole so Niall could answer at most, about a third of their questions. A girl who seemed to be about 13 years old came up to Irina and me and pulled on our dresses. “İque te conozco. Usted es Irina y Meredith!” Irina looked at me; she had taken Spanish with me in freshman year of high school, but soon stopped. I continued so that if I were in cases like this I wouldn’t be stuttering. The girl had told us that she knew us, and called us by our names, to this day it amazes me how large of a fan base our boys have. Meredith looked down at her and smiled, and then the girl spoke again; but this time in English, “Autograph?” she asked. Irina looked down at her and smiled widely, next she crouched down so that she was at the same level as the young girl. She signed the page and handed it back to me where I signed in the space below Irina’s.

From Dangriga we got onto a very rickety bridge and into a very small blue boat. Not a sail boat, but a ten person small motor boat that made me very uncomfortable. Irina laughed as I almost fell into the boat. Niall was quick to fall in next and stumble around trying to get his footing while Zayn slipped into the boat and next to me; I sat in the back while Niall and Irina sat in the front.


Meredith looked so uncomfortable on the boat, I was as well but I trusted the people from Tabaco Caye. Niall sat close to me keeping one arm around me and one arm on the boat. It was a bumpy ride over to the small island, and it only took about twenty minutes. When we docked we got off of the boat, stepping off we were greeted by a wooden dock with brightly colored chairs. Walking down the ramp way there was a small circular bar while tons on drinks, I looked to our boys and saw them smirk. We walked along the outskirts of the island and went back over to these small colorful cabins that I had come to love. The owners of the cabins walked over to us, “We have a little problem, we over booked our cabins and your reservations were lost in the mix of things, but next to you are some more cabins that we think will work while, and because we mixed up your reservations we opened up both sides of two cabins so that you don’t need to share one, drinks on the house and you can go snorkeling whenever you want to. Again I’m sorry about the inconvenience.”

There were three cabins lined up, Niall and I took over the yellow one, while Zayn and Meredith took over the blue one. There was a hammock on the porch of each of our cabins. The four of us were maybe 50 steps away from the water, the sand was rough and the palm trees were close together where more hammocks had been sprinkled along four pairs of trees. After settling into our homes for the next few weeks we stepped out again, Meredith and I walked along the beach and sat down onto the hammocks that were closest to each other. Niall and Zayn came over; kissing us both on the head, “We’re going to go get some drinks, would you ladies like to join us?”  Meredith chuckled shaking her head at Zayn. I looked to Niall and shook my head as well, “You two have fun, but be safe okay?” I was worried about Niall and Zayn drinking too much, because we were so close to the water, but Niall tried his best to make me feel at ease. “When am I not safe?” I knew that he was trying to help, but it’s Niall Frickin’ Horan we are talking about here. The boy that hit himself in the face with a basketball, the better question would have to be ‘when is he safe?’

After sitting on the beach for an hour, Meredith and I walked over to join the boys at the bar. Niall quickly ordered me a watermelon drink, and Zayn ordered Meredith some berry Cosmopolitan. It made me chuckle that he still remembered these things and still loved to mess with her about it. It might have been the alcohol in his system or he just liked messing with her that much. Four drinks later we headed back to our little slices of heaven for a good night’s rest.


I woke up before Zayn, seeing him sleeping peacefully next to me was a sight for sore eyes. Stretching, I got up from our bed and went over to the bathroom where I quickly brushed my teeth and then grabbed a pair of shorts and a loose fitting shirt which I pulled over my bikini. Opening the door and stepping out onto the porch that led to the beach, Irina was sitting in her bathing suit, reading ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ a resent book that I had practically forced her to read. She was reading again after having a strike for- well I’m not going to ruin it. “Hey” I said walking up the stairs of their cabin, and sitting in the small chair that faced her. “Hey” she replied back, setting down her book and put her sun glasses back up on her head, “The whole complementary snorkeling thing is still on the table, for the whole time we are here!” she nudged me, and got up off of the hammock. I nodded handing her the book, “I’m going to go write a note for Zayn, I’ll meet you back out here in less than 5 minutes.”

Irina waved to me and I slipped back inside with Zayn still sleeping on the bed, but this time he had confiscated the whole bed and had somehow turned himself around so that his head was at the bottom of the bed. I wrote him a note telling him that we were going snorkeling and that he could come join us with Niall when they both woke up. Stepping back out onto the porch I found Irina sitting and tapping her foot against the railing, “Ready?” she asked raising her eyebrows. “Let’s go snorkeling” I answered grabbing her hand and running towards the small cabin that had the snorkeling masks, and the flippers. 

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