I can't believe its you!

Harry Styles was an average boy. Although he wasn't very average. He was tall, slender, charming, curly hair, bright green eyes, and was always able to make you smile even when you were down. He had plenty of friends and was know world wide for being in One Direction. Although he wasn't happy. He was missing something or someone and it was making him insane. He kept his cool around people but when he was alone all he thought about was life. What would he do when he met the one girl. A girl by the name of Megan Russell. She was tall for her age, brown hair, brown eyes, skinny but not many curves, very shy, and he was a little bit of a nerd. She was the kind of girl you couldn't imagine Harry falling for. What happens when he finds out she's a fan? Will their relationship be better than most of his? Or will it ruin him?


6. the ride home

After not much sleep that night but we had to leave and I had band practice the next day. Great. The drive home was about four hours. Enough time to text Harry and get a little sleep for practice.

As we reached home me and Harry had talked about everything from why he had curly hair to why we can't communicate with giraffes. I laughed a lot and I'm sure my family looked at me strange when I would open my phone and laugh like a maniac. I got out of the car and realized how long my legs were because there were up to my ears the entire ride home. They felt like jello.

After talking about it for a while my mother finally decided we didn't have to go to practice so we just went home and slept. I faced timed Harry and he was with Louis. Good this is good. I can finally do my best attempt to embarrass him about their budding bromance.

"Hey Louis, wait we're you just..? Louis! You're on camera!" Harry shouted right as he answered. "Hi there pretty boy." I joked. "Haha.... Hi Megs. Did-did you see that?" "Yes Lou, but, you have a very nice butt." "Oh my god! Harry why didn't you tell me you were face timing her?!" "Sorry Lou. But hey at least it was your butt or Eleanor would be jealous!" "Haha harry!" "What? It's true." "Alright alright." "Hey isn't it late over there?" Harry asked me. "Eh, only about 10:30 ish.." "Hey you should go to bed. Get some sleep." "But this is the only time I get to talk to you." "Awe how cute! Ah I'm so jelly!" Louis screamed like a little girl. "Lou! Calm yourself!" "No! I can't help it!" "Ok ok. So how's the trip?" "Good. I miss you." "Aw Harry. You shouldn't." "And why is that?" "Because. I'm not worth missing." "Now that is a lie! But really you should sleep and so should we." "Ok. I'll text you tomorrow at some point." "Alright. I promise I'll try to see you again when we come to New Orleans. Well. Good night! See you soon!" "Good night. You too!"

Even though our conversation ended there it was still pretty good. I mean c'mon, who gets to face time Harry Styles whenever you please? Not many right? Well let's see what happens tomorrow when I go back to school. Will anyone know about this? Will they believe me if I tell them? Nah I'll wait until someone asks me or it's on the news. Hm come at me tomorrow!

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