I can't believe its you!

Harry Styles was an average boy. Although he wasn't very average. He was tall, slender, charming, curly hair, bright green eyes, and was always able to make you smile even when you were down. He had plenty of friends and was know world wide for being in One Direction. Although he wasn't happy. He was missing something or someone and it was making him insane. He kept his cool around people but when he was alone all he thought about was life. What would he do when he met the one girl. A girl by the name of Megan Russell. She was tall for her age, brown hair, brown eyes, skinny but not many curves, very shy, and he was a little bit of a nerd. She was the kind of girl you couldn't imagine Harry falling for. What happens when he finds out she's a fan? Will their relationship be better than most of his? Or will it ruin him?


7. game day

It's been a month and a half since the concert. It feels like yesterday I was saying bye to Harry. We have a pep rally today for the first home football game. As were walking over to the gym I don't pay much attention to the black suburban sitting in the parking lot. I know most of the kids that go here don't care for those kind of cars so I just thought it was a parents car. While the football team was running out and we were playing the fight song it looked like all the football players just running. I soon realized I was wrong. When I was called to the front if the gym I knew something was up because I'm not the type of person to be called out in front of people. I slowly made my way up to the front and they told me to close my eyes and turn around. Knowing these people it will not end well. About a minuet later they told me to open my eyes. "Oh my..." "Hi love." Harry said with a beautiful, full dimple smile. "Harry." Was all I could say before I found myself being squashed between 4 British and 1 Irish boys. It felt amazing to have this type of relationship with them but at the same time I felt really awkward because people were staring at us. After the hug they gave Niall the microphone. "Hello everyone." He said in his deep Irish accent. The second people figured who it was there was a massive scream. Not a bunch of screams but they all screamed together nearly deafening my. "So, as you can all see we know this crazy girl here." He said whole patting my shoulder. "Don't forget beautiful." Harry whispered in my ear causing my cheeks to become hot. "We are here because Harry here missed her. And to make an announcement." I gave Harry a questionable look and he just smirked a little. "We will be performing at half time tonight with that band!" He shouted into the mic and the band went insane and I honestly didn't think my mouth could get any bigger. Harry say and laughed so hard at me. When I realized what I was doing I couldn't help but join him. The pep rally was over about ten minuets later and I was almost alone again with Harry. "So are y'all going to sing tonight or what?" I chucked at my stupid question and he did too. "Ya were going to sing What Makes You Beautiful while y'all play to it." "Oh ok this should be interesting." "And why do you say that?" "Because we may speed up on accident or slow down. Are we going to be marching? What is I trip? How many people are gonna be there? Why am I asking you all these questions?" I laugh at my questions because I know he can't really answer them to well. "Um we talked about walking down five lines that y'all make. But I don't think you will trip standing there." "Hey you never know I'm pretty good at tripping." I laugh at myself. Before I can catch myself my hands are around his neck due to my nerves being in over drive. "Hey, you're going to do fine I promise babe." He reassures me. "I hope so. What do you so when you're nervous?" I ask a little too quickly. "Uh I usually kiss my necklace but you're not wearing one. I guess you could kiss mine?" He laughs at his own answer. "Haha I think I'll just try to find something else to do." "You could always kiss me." He states before he realizes it. "Hm well we have before and you do seem to relax me." The second I say that his lips connect to mine as we share a small kiss but I can still feel the sparks I felt the first time we kissed. He hands wrap around my waist pulling my closer to him. Katie came out to tell us it was time to line up when we disconnected and quickly went inside saying our good byes and good lucks. Well I'm a little less nervous not. Thanks Harry. I think to myself before putting my drum on and heading to the field.

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