I can't believe its you!

Harry Styles was an average boy. Although he wasn't very average. He was tall, slender, charming, curly hair, bright green eyes, and was always able to make you smile even when you were down. He had plenty of friends and was know world wide for being in One Direction. Although he wasn't happy. He was missing something or someone and it was making him insane. He kept his cool around people but when he was alone all he thought about was life. What would he do when he met the one girl. A girl by the name of Megan Russell. She was tall for her age, brown hair, brown eyes, skinny but not many curves, very shy, and he was a little bit of a nerd. She was the kind of girl you couldn't imagine Harry falling for. What happens when he finds out she's a fan? Will their relationship be better than most of his? Or will it ruin him?


5. concert

After 5 Seconds of Summer had finished performing there was about a ten minute intermission. We were sitting at the perfect angle to see back stage. I saw crew members scurrying around like little rats trying to get everything set up for the boys. I saw Harry run by shirtless and I couldn't contain my laughter. "What's so funny?" Katie asked. "I saw Harry run by. He's not even ready yet." "Haha and I thought Louis and Zayn were the late ones." "Haha apparently not." "In 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 One Direction!!!" The announcer dude called over the microphone. Every body in the arena had such a high pitch voice it was almost unbearable but it was nice at the same time. The boys had already sang Best Song Ever, Little While Lies, You & I, and Don't Forget Where You Belong and we almost done with Happily. Harry looked straight into my eyes and sang "so baby be with me so happily!" I melted so quickly it was kinda funny. "Hello Dallas!!" Louis screamed. "How is everyone in shiny Texas?" Niall said trying to do a country accent on Texas which he failed at. When Harry put the mic up to his lips to talk he looked at me then said "hello beautifuls." After he said that I didn't think it could get any louder but it did. Throughout the rest of the concert Harry looked at me about seven or eight more times before it was over and we headed back to the hotel. Since we rode with the boys here we ran back to their car where we met Paul. "Hey what are you.. Oh hi girls you can get in if you'd like the boys are changing and will be out in a second. "Ok." We all said together. The ride back was very loud and they smelt pretty bad to which was kinda funny. When we reached the hotel Harry asked if he could talk to me alone. "What did you want to talk about?" "Well tonight is the last night you will see me." "I know I really don't want to think about that." "Well you have my number, I follow you on twitter, and you can find me on Instagram too. But promise me one thing? Text or call me a softer as you can?" "Ya absolutely." "Awesome thank you." "Ya no problem. So you ready for your next gig?" "Ya it should be really exciting. But I'll miss you." "ya me too but are we still a make believe couple?" "I sure hope not." "Haha alright. I guess were a thing now." "Ya I like the sounds of that." "Haha well Mr. Styles I will talk to you soon. Oh and face time me at some point will ya? And can you give Lou my number?" "Uh sure I guess so." "Awesome thank you!" We hugged and kissed and said our good byes. It was sad to see him go but at the same time I was pretty happy to be in a relation ship with Harry Freaking Styles. Haha I still can't believe that and I know no one else will believe me either but I think I'll keep it to me and him, the boys, and Kaitlyn and Katie for a while. Today was a good day and I hope there will be more like it.

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