I can't believe its you!

Harry Styles was an average boy. Although he wasn't very average. He was tall, slender, charming, curly hair, bright green eyes, and was always able to make you smile even when you were down. He had plenty of friends and was know world wide for being in One Direction. Although he wasn't happy. He was missing something or someone and it was making him insane. He kept his cool around people but when he was alone all he thought about was life. What would he do when he met the one girl. A girl by the name of Megan Russell. She was tall for her age, brown hair, brown eyes, skinny but not many curves, very shy, and he was a little bit of a nerd. She was the kind of girl you couldn't imagine Harry falling for. What happens when he finds out she's a fan? Will their relationship be better than most of his? Or will it ruin him?


4. back stage.

I was super excited for the concert. I probably looked like a happy puppy after getting his first bone and he can't stop moving. Before we met them we had crappy "nose bleed" seats but after meeting them we had amazing "get spit on you" seats(front row). We were also able to go to the sound check, which was really awesome, ad they were so weird during that. I swear that me, Katie, and Kaitlyn were the only ones not screaming and crying our heads off. It was pretty funny actually. Harry looked at me a lot and towards the end of the check we motioned for me to go to the lobby. "Hey guys I've gotta take a wee." "Alright Harold, hurry back. You don't want out concert to be like the Brits this year." Louis said in a motherly tone. When I reached the lobby Harry wasn't there. I was kinda afraid that security might find me and think I'm some crazy fan but Paul knows me so whatever. Before I could finish my crazy talk Harry walked out of a door. "Hey." "Hey. So you wanted to see me?" "Ya could you do me a favor?" "Sure what is it?" "Can you be my girlfriend for tonight? All the other boys have one and were making an announcement tonight about that." "Ya sure." "Awesome thank you! So what is our story?" "Haha I have no idea. I'm usually not very good at this." "Ok let's say that you went on a trip to a England and I say you through a window and instantly fell in love?" "Wow ya sounds pretty reasonable. So do we kiss now? Hug? Hold hands?" "We could have a heavy make out session and gross out all of out fans?" "Haha you're funny!" "I wasn't joking.." "Oh um that might be a little much. Even though we've already had our 'first kiss'." "Oh right. Ok well let's go back in there babe?" "Haha let's go."

Harry's pov.

Wow I can't believe she said yes! This is going to be a good concert. She may or may not know it but I really do like her. A lot. It will be sad that after the concert I may never see her again. I have to get her number. "Hey Megan?" "Ya?" "Could I have your number?" "Oh ya of course. It's ###-###-####." "Alright thanks!" "No problem. But you should probably get back in there." "Ok. Do y'all want to come hang with us back stage until the concert starts?" "Are we allowed to?" "Well of course!" "Ok." With that our conversation ended and we carried on with our sound check.

Megan's pov.

"Hey guys. Harry said we could hang out with then back stage until the concert starts. Do y'all want to?" "YES!" "Haha alright. He said just to go with them after it." "Ok." When the sound check was over Harry came and got us. Which was pretty weird because I was kinda afraid of the fans around us. But they seemed to behave pretty well. But I did hear a lot of 'who are they?' 'Why are they so special?' 'Harry I want your penis to be my lunch!' (Ewe) and 'Harry I'm the one you want not them!' I felt kinda good that for once in my life I was doing something before anyone else could or they anyone else would ever be able to do. The back stage part was different than I thought. It was slightly darker down the hall ways and the dressing rooms were smaller. But it was still nice compared to all the fans. I guess it had sound proof walls because I couldn't hear them back here. We sat on the couch for about ten minuets alone and it felt funny. But when the boys came back in Harry sat on my lap. "Ah Styles!" "What?" "You're fat." "Awe that's mean!" "Haha oh I'm so sorry." When I thought he was getting up I was so wrong. He turned around to face me and sat down like that with our foreheads touching. I could tell I was blushing like a mad man until he licked my nose. "Ewe! That's so gross!" "Haha oh you know you loved it!" "That's what she said!" "Haha oh your one of those?" "Haha oh and your not?" "Eh I might be. And I might not." When he did get up he grabbed my hands and pulled me up too. I thought he would pull me into a hug but no he picked me up over his shoulder! Gosh I don't know anything he's going to do! He ran out of the dressing room with Niall yelling at him cracking up. I gave up struggling when his grip got tighter. He stopped running when we got to a dark room. "Harry where a..?" Before I could finish his lips crashed into mine. "I'm sorry. I can't control myself around you. I just want you so badly." "Harry you can't. After today we may never see each other again." "I know don't remind me. But promise me this much. Don't forget about me?" After he said that I was shocked. Who could forget him? This was perfect. His hands around me waist, my arms around his shoulder, I looked deep into his green eyes I was hooked. He must've had me in a trance or something because my body took over and I couldn't say anything. The only thing I could do was kiss him and he kissed back. It was sweet and passionate it wasn't sloppy no tongue was used but it was still amazing. When it was over all I could say was, "I could never forget you." "Good." We kissed for a little bit longer until we were gone for quite a while. When we got back into the room Louis said "Ohh the two love birds are back!" I guess Harry could feel myself blush because be put a hand on my shoulder and said "Haha ya Lou you're only jealous because El won't give you anything." It was cute to watch him blush so I just laugh at him. "Hey it's not that funny!" "Ya it kinda is." "Hey we have to get ready for the concert it starts in 30 minuets." With that we left the dressing room and found our seats while the boys went to hair and make-up. I'm so pumped up for the concert.

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