Hey there Delilah

This is Delilah. She is a girl who was bullied at her old school, she was a goody goody. She changed. Her best friend Liam just moved here and can't believe what he sees. Not the perfect little 14 year old that left 2 years ago, now he sees a bad ass punk. Will he save her from herself? Will Liam still be her best friend or will Niall


2. hey

Delilah's pov

I was walking home from school when a guy comes out of the shadows and bear hugs me. Niall was not with because he was sick this week.

"Hey, dee." A voice from behind her laughs.

" Liam?!" I ask shocked.

"Yep, what happened you changed a lot." He said staring at my slim figure and scattered tattoos.

I shrugged " I grew up." I said.

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