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Spencer West a 17 year old Directioner wins a once in a life time chance to met and date 1D! She is picked for a new reality TV "Heart Attack".


1. From NC to the UK

Spencer's POV

It was all a normal Tuesday. Driving home, dreading work. Stalking Louis Tomlinson. The usual.

I turned the radio to 107.5, while driving by a Fuzzy Peach. All I heard was a dumb, fake radio ad.


Thats all I heard, then I picked up my phone and got ready to dial!

" CALL 9102356789 NOW!!" ( A/N Please don't call this number I don't know who it belongs to or if it is real)

I dialed and was in...

"Congrats you are the 7 caller! Pack your bags and your plane ticket will be shipped to your home today! Address and Name?"

I told him my name and address and cried the whole way home singing to "Heart Attack. They of course were tears if joy


When I arrived home I placed my keys on the rack and looked at myself in the mirror. And boy I was RATCHET! My brown hair onced curled now frizzy, and mascara running from my blue eyes.

As a kid I was told I looked like a goddess. I have curly brownish reddish hair. And blue/ green eyes. And tan skin.

I ran upstairs to pack. All my clothes, shoes, makeup. After I was in the man on the radio told me the show will be filming for a whole year!

Louis Tomlinson my future husband here I come!

I graduated school a year ago. My parents pay my rent it was deal to get me out of the house.

During senior year all I did was take 1D dating quizzes also Lou!

Before I got all my stuff COMPLETELY packed I watched YouTube videos , not any the Video Diaries...

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