Lana life isn't a walk in a park. She is abused and tormented by her dad, she has been trying to deal with the deaths In her family . She doesn't see life getting any better for her


2. Runaway

Today was the day that I was gonna leave and start over. MY RUNAWAY DAY. I had around seven thousand dollars saved for college and other things I was wanting before everything.

I packed everything in a backpack with a few outfits and extra pair of shoes. I also packed toiletries, money, and a few snacks for on the way to nowhere.

I was about to leave and turn the knob on the door but then it started to turn itself, I ran behind the door knowing who it was.

"Where is my beers ya bitch!" My father screamed. He was probably be the delusional drunk he is and drank them all. Then he slammed the door shut and started running upstairs I'm guessing to punish me. Then I quickly slipped out the door. I knew I wouldn't be fast enough for him do I hid in the treehouse out back of the house.

" I will find you" he said storming outside mumbling profanities under his breath. I was about to go down. He came running after me, luckily he was so drunk he couldn't keep up so I just kept on running I cam to what seemed to be London Capitol, which is an hour by car. I hadn't brought my crappy flip phone with me because you could track people. I brought my iPod touch which my sister gave to me before she passed. I was saving the battery on it because I didn't have anywhere to charge it anyways. If your wondering what I look like , I have naturally blond curly hair, and have a deep dark blue eyes I don't see myself as pretty at least. I don't have friends or any family that cares I had to drop out of high school last year, so I would have been a freshman in college if it weren't for my shit father.

I was wandering around London in the poring rain then a car pulled up. I was really nervous what if it was my father?! They rolled down the window and it was a curly haired boy who was driving and a girl who had straight dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"Um hi?" I said shyly, I had no idea who these people were.

"Um do you need to anywhere?" Said the girl

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