Lana life isn't a walk in a park. She is abused and tormented by her dad, she has been trying to deal with the deaths In her family . She doesn't see life getting any better for her


3. meeting him💕

"Do you ride?" Said the girl, I mean I know I'm not supposed to trust strangers but in my gut I trust them for some odd reason.

"um sure, thanks" I said with a weak smile on my face.

" ok where are we off to?" Said the curly haired boy.

" Um I really don't have a place to stay so the nearest hotel, please" i said shyly

"NOPE" the boy said while popping the p

"What, why? And I didn't catch your names."

" well I'm harry styles and this is my girlfriend Sasha, and I'm taking you to our flat because the hotels here suck" he said with a smile showing his cute dimple.

"I don't want to take advantage of you and by the way my name is Lana"

" oh no it's fine I have a friend named Niall who u don't think would mind if you stayed with him either, I'll call"

"No-" I was cut off bye him on the phone. I zoned out when he was talking with his mate.

"He said he would be happy for you to stay with him!"

" um ok" I said quiet


I was about to knock on the door when it opened to a Blond haired boy who I assumed was Niall.

" Hi nice to meet you I'm Niall and you must be Lana" he said boldly his flat smelled like food.

Niall's POV**

She was so beautiful I'm thinking about maybe just saying her bed isn't here yet. My thoughts were interrupted by her

"Thanks for letting me stay here, hopefully soon I can find my own flat" she said with a smile -note to self- keep her here as long as possible.

"So where are you from?"

" um I'm from a small town like around an hour away from London" she seemed lenient to talk about home so I dropped the subject, I just want to kiss her.

" so where should I put my stuff?" She asked quite shyly

"I'll show you " I lead her to my room;)

" you are gonna have to share with me for a few nights till your bed is here if that is ok with you?"

" um are you sure I could sleep on the couch?"

" are you crazy it's fine" I said boldly

"Ok so what do you want to do?" She asked

"Truth or dare if you want?"

"Sure, truth or dare?"

"Dare!" I almost yelled

"Ok um... I dare you to call harry and say you have gone into birth" I was laughing by now and so was she, when she smiled I smiled.


Lana's POV

The night was really fun I already like Niall a lot I just wish it was the same way but we've only just met and if he does like me I don't want to rush things.

We were getting ready for bed and then I got in the bed and so did Niall, he pulled me closer and cuddled me. I felt myself slowing drift away but then something woke me right up

"Lana I really like you" he whispered I think he thought I was sleeping whoops... I snuggled closer to him and drifted into my dreams.


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