Lana life isn't a walk in a park. She is abused and tormented by her dad, she has been trying to deal with the deaths In her family . She doesn't see life getting any better for her


1. Intro and AN

AN: hope you enjoy this is my first movella so I hope you enjoy (Niall fan fiction) BTW I got ideas from other movellas that I enjoyed.

Story Time :

OK so to start off my life sucks my name is Lana Desimy and I live in a small town I'm Florida. I was born I London and we moved here when I was 14 so I have an accent. anyways the year I moved was the year my life became hell literally. My sister Dani became very sick from cancer she was 17, when she was diagnosed with the same cancer that my mother died with. My sister dies two weeks after being diagnosed the day after I was blamed and beat by my dad. **flashback** I had just gotten home and the smell of alcohol reeked through out the house.

"You little murderer. It's your fault their dead it should have been you, your going to pay for this!" And after that I payed, I payed for the thing that I couldn't control and he made me wish that it was me who was no longer on earth.

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