He's The One

Jessica Jassity is a outcast. Everybody hates her for no reason. She has unexpected things happen to her through out. Are things getting better or worst?


4. the way she makes me feel


Kristina Alexx was.. was.. Amazing.. I don't care that I just talked to her for a half hour or whatever, she is different. She isn't a stuck up bitch like all the girls at centtenial... She cares... She shares the same pain as me.... I felt a connection of empathy

I was really glad to share my feelings, my pain, my secrets... But there's a possibility "she" may be a fucking psycho ...so my heart was pouring out my life to a stranger

But I believe she is real... That weird connection thing was so real that I could feel it, it made my heart feel sweeter and soft. It is usually feels bitter and cold because of all the stupid people around me... And then there's my parents...ugh my parents, they are so bad to me.. But they are a motivation to me being the nicest I can.

Another one is bullying... That really gets me.. Like why do you have to be a asshole to them? Why take things out on other people if it's not their fault? Like I can be a dick to someone if I wanted to, I just choose not to.

That's a reason why I do a lot of sports, because I need something to take my anger out on. All the negative crap makes me angry, which makes me work harder, do better, and win.

It was almost 5, I was getting exited!

Logan: hey! xxx

*Kristina is typing...*

God I couldn't waaait

Kristina: hey! :D xxx

Logan: I've missed you! Haha

Kristina: really? (;

Oh no I don't think she really cared to remember our conversation that much. Before I started typing it said she was typing, so I waited.

*Krisyina is typing*

Kristina: i missed you a lot too! Haha I didn't think u would miss me ;)

Logan: are you kidding me? I couldn't get you out if my mind! lol (;

I felt like I went a little to far, for how much we've talked.

Kristina: omg that means so much to me! xxx it's the EXACT same for me too! I couldn't stop thinking about u!

I felt a lot better now, I was gonna go to the next level now and ask for her number too. I don't know... should I do it... Ugh make up your stupid mind Logan. All of a sudden-

*Kristina is typing*

Kristina: hey.. Can I have your number..? You don't have do give me it if you don't want to :p lol

Logan: heck Ya!! Haha I was just gonna ask you! Lol here xxx (503)221-8907

Kristine: haha cool! Thx xxx here's mine- (503)786-1236

Kristina: I gtg I'll text you later! Xxx

Logan: good night.. Beautiful..xxx

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