He's The One

Jessica Jassity is a outcast. Everybody hates her for no reason. She has unexpected things happen to her through out. Are things getting better or worst?


6. the first step


I wanted to tell him that it was me so very bad. I trusted that he would accept me, but yet reject me in a certain way. It was a 50/50 to me, just that I was so unsure. I knew that he would accept me, I just don't know what he would do after.

I wanted to tell him step by step, and it would lead up to me, and hopefully it wouldn't be as painful.

We started talking every hour of the day. Literally. We gotten to know each other a lot-- a little after a few weeks went by. I decided to start the step by step plan.

Kristina: hey I have to tell you something

Logan: ya what cutie ;) xxx

Kristina: I lied



Oh my god what is she going to say. She lied...? About what? Her appearance? Her gender? Please god no. Her age? Where she lives? Please be good.

Logan: about what :(

.....Here we go......

Kristina: I don't go to school in downtown Portland

Logan: then where?!???

Kristina: centennial

O my fucking god. She better not be playing me right now... I HAVE TO SEE HER...but if she does... Is she new..? Or have I never noticed her before ?

Logan: no freaking way, are you playin?????????

Kristina: no babe

She called me babe~~ that was hot, and she meant it, damn.

Logan: how come I've never see u?? Or have I been too stupid not to recognize your beauty?

Kristina: idk I skip a lot if school, and we don't have any classes together

Logan: bummer :( what's ur locker number?

Kristina: 1106 hby?

Logan: 1198

Logan: we have to meet up baby xxxx

Kristina: Defiinetly



I was really happy but mostly worried. If I say no, he'll think I'm avoiding him or don't want to see him...

It was really tearing out my hair damn it.

The only way this could work if I was a billionaire and got perfect plastic surgery to look exactly like Kristina. No way in heaven or hell I could pull that off.

I didn't know what to do, he just wanted to see Kristina.

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