He's The One

Jessica Jassity is a outcast. Everybody hates her for no reason. She has unexpected things happen to her through out. Are things getting better or worst?


1. prologue

I woke up to the sound of heavy rain pressed against to the window, pleading to come in. I got up and opened the window and took a deep breath; taking a brief break from all the hell in my life going on. My mom was bitchy 24/7, and my dad came home drunk almost every night. They didn't seem to even care for me, but they still fed me when needed, and bought me some things. It was half into the year of my freshman year. I hated it. I had been bullied and harassed in every way for the past three years, so high school wasn't any better. I pulled on a sweatshirt that had red lettering on it that said "California", my old home. I now live in Portland, Oregon. I don't even know why we moved, my parents probably moved to get better purchases of "medicine". I pulled on my stained sweatpants which I wore often, and slid on my DC's. I took a hair band, and grabbed my hair to form a messy bun. I didn't even bother to put on makeup, because there was no one to impress, and I was actually confident in my natural looks. I have natural long wavy chocolate brown hair, clear blue eyes, long black eyelashes, full colored lips, and a pretty decent nose. Even with all the drama in my life, I didn't do self harm, I was very strong no matter what I was told, and I don't think..I would ever do suicide.

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