He's The One

Jessica Jassity is a outcast. Everybody hates her for no reason. She has unexpected things happen to her through out. Are things getting better or worst?


7. party time


I knew that he was going to be watching for me....Kristina. I decided to just avoid my locker, so he wouldn't get suspicious... And find out out it was Nasty Jassy the whole time.

After all, I said "Definitely" to his response of meeting with each other. So it was going to happen soon, but I had no idea when. I was thinking hard until I felt my phone vibrate.

Logan: good morning gorgeous (: xxx

Kristina: good morning to you too! Mr. Handsome :* xxx

Logan: so I'm really desperate to meet up with you... Do you know anytime soon when that could happen???

Kristina: well I don't honestly :/

Logan: well.. Brittany Allan is having a party at her house.. Wanna meet me there?

Kristina: ya ! Sounds like a plan xxx I gtg to class ttyl!! Xxx

Logan: yes! And ttyl angel xxx

I was really worried... I didn't have anything to wear.. Nothing. So the girly side of me screamed "shopping! Shopping!!!" The other side that was unidentifiable said "just cut something cute and make it look more attractive." Since I had nothing attractive, i just went shopping. I babysat a lot so I always had extra cash to spend.

I went to the nearest mall and bought a really cute low cut shirt that was a little lower than my belly button. A pair pre-ripped skinny jeans, and black wedges. I felt so girly... And since I bought one outfit and had a lot of money left, my girliness just exploded into buying a whole new wardrobe.

I curled my hair a little more, and put on some makeup. I actually looked really pretty, it was insane. I felt like my inner beauty exploded everywhere on the outside now.

I took the bus, and walked the rest of the way over to Britney Allan's snobby street. Her house was one if the biggest on the block. It looked like the fantasy house that Barbie lived in.

I walked inside with everyone staring at me, but no one recognized me. So I just proceeded throughout the mansion. I texted Logan and said that I was here. He immediately responded.

Logan: where are you?!?! Xxxxxxx

Kristina: by the bathroom on the first floor xxxx

Logan: on my way !!! Stay there!! Xxxxx

All of a sudden a really hot guy came over to me, and started flirting with me. In my head I was like *so this is what it's like to be noticed positively* I immediately noticed that he smelled strongly of alcohol. He started to grab my waist and wouldn't let go.

He continued doing whatever he was doing to me, that his alcoholic mind pleased. I tried to get out of his arms, but he was much too strong. He then started pulling me into a bedroom (of probably hundreds) and tossed me into the bed.

I couldn't see anything, because my hair was in my face, so I tried to get it all out if my sight. He then laid on top of me, and tried to take my clothes off. I felt tears forming, and I started screaming as he forced his mouth on mine. I could feel my phone continuously vibrate, I knew it was Logan. I so much wanted his help right now.

All of a sudden the door flung open, as I continued crying for help. Everybody at the party was probably too drunk or stoned to pay attention. Logan was standing there paused for a second, like he was thinking.

He quickly saw my teary begging eyes, and grabbed the guy off of me. He literally threw him across the room... I was amazed. He then yelled "GO HOME NOW! Dumb ass..." He said under his breath.

Logan: " you okay?"

Jessica: "yes, thank you so much... !!" I felt like crying again, he saved me.

Logan: "what's your name?"

Jessica: "Kristina..... Hey Logan."

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