He's The One

Jessica Jassity is a outcast. Everybody hates her for no reason. She has unexpected things happen to her through out. Are things getting better or worst?


3. now I'm fake


I wanted to talk to him so badly, but I didn't know how to.

I sat on my bed for hours just thinking of a way. I thought about online, but he probably wouldn't respond to me. Maybe I should make a fake one? That's more attractive perhaps... I went on Instagram gazing upon his perfection, I quickly read over his bio (as if I hadn't before) and it had a few of his accounts that he had - Facebook, ask.fm, kik, snapchat, etc. I decided that I would make a kik. I made a kik, and chose a gorgeous picture from the internet. The girl looked flawless, with thick black hair, beautiful eyes, perfect eyebrows, nice curves, and I made sure it didn't look all professional, because it would look more fake then. I then thought of names. I thought of pretty names but couldn't pick one that would be right. Cassidy? Ali? Kiara?--- I decided to go with Kristina, Kristina... Kristina....? Kristina what though. Kristina Alexx ...? That's about right. I messaged him and said a simple "hey (:" I waited for a while, about 15 minutes until he answered back.

Logan: hey

*logan is typing*


Logan: do I know you? ;)

Kristina: I don't think so, but u looked nice so I thought I'd message you ! (;

Logan: ok haha that's fine ;) where you from?

Kristina: California, but I live in Portland OR

Logan: aw that's cool, and I live there too! Haha what school u go to ?

I didn't want to say I went to the same school because this person didn't exist. But I was gonna say mostly everything true about myself other than the school and my appearance.

Kristina: one in downtown, how about you?

Logan: centennial high how old are u? :3

Kristina: 15

Logan: me too :)

Kristina: so how's life!

Logan: okay, how about yourself?

Kristina: horrible :/

Logan: aww why? /.\

Kristina: I'm just bullied on a regular basis and my parents are horrible /.\

Logan: oh my gosh almost same here! And I'm really sorry :( I'd set those people straight if I met them- I hate bullying its lame

Kristina: aww thx ! Haha that's means a lot, and what do you mean by the same?

Logan: well my parents are a**holes to me and they do drugs, and all my friends make fun of me because I don't smoke, don't get with a bunch if girls, and they say I'm a try hard because I get straight As... So ya... And don't take this the wrong way but it's weird because I don't really tell anybody this stuff, but I feel that I trust you :) :)

Kristina: I'm sorry :( and it seems we have quite the thing in common :/ :) and in glad that u do!

Logan: hey I have to go, I'll ttyl, how about tomorrow around 5? :)xxx

Kristina: that's perfect! Ttyl ;) xxx

Those three Xs made my heart melt, did he really feel he could tell me anything? I never thought that a sweet innocent guy like him would ever have it hard like that. I guess that I judged him by his appearance. Stupid me.

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