He's The One

Jessica Jassity is a outcast. Everybody hates her for no reason. She has unexpected things happen to her through out. Are things getting better or worst?


2. Moments


I went out my window ( the way I always did ) because I rarely ever wanted to come in contact with my parents, because they would always cause drama over nothing. I would just go to Starbucks or McDonald's for breakfast, because I always had the extra time since I never put any effort in myself. By the time I was at my bus stop, I would be on my phone, looking at my crush's pictures on Instagram. Logan Conner is flawlessly perfect. He didn't care what people said when it was negative, he is strong and muscled, he is handsome in every way, he gets straight A's, he Is very athletic, he is not a player, he has dark brown hair, and crystal green eyes. I wish I could stare Into them forever. But the problem was that he was the most popular person in 9-10th grade and every girl wanted him. My gazing was interrupted my the revving engine of Britney Allan, and her boyfriends car. Her boyfriend was a sophomore and he was of course a gorgeous model. She dated like every guy that was at least cute. She was blurting out my nickname "Hey Nasty Jassy" even though she knew my name was Jessica Jassity. She was cussing at me about my looks and my "fat" weight. I just ignored her, and put in my earbuds and blasted the volume to max. I continued listening to the pleasurable music, and daydreaming my fantasies of a perfect new life, which would never happen.

The bus was the only place where there was the least amount if bullying for me, because there was barely anybody on the bus and the bus driver was very strict with rules. She could see everything that happened on the bus. We arrived at the hell hole shortly after 10 minutes, and of corse i was dreading it 100000%.

I went I my locker to get my books for English, and I sped very quickly to avoid contact with anyone. I kept my head down, which was a bad idea because tripped over myself, I thought. But no, I opened my eyes to find Logan Conner beneath me. I felt my heart accelerating and burning. I was so exited and nervous at the same time. We just laid there in disbelief staring into each other's eyes. I felt like he was staring at me because I was disgusting his sight. I tried to get up, but he got up first and quick...just to help me up. I was confused and astounded that this flawless god, helped me.. By choice..

Britney Allan then started yelling "Ew get off him, you'll give him STD's and other gross diseases u stupid slut!" I just ignored her as always though, she always seemed happier, because she thought that it really hurt me. Hah, she was so wrong. Fake bitch. I don't like calling people names, but she deserves it..truly.

I felt that a small part of my dreams came true, and it was so true, so perfect, and precious... I felt a connection. I got to stare into his crystallized eyes for longer than I anticipated, I loved it. I continued to class like nothing happened, but something did. I couldn't stop thinking about it, even though it wasn't that big of a deal. Although, it was to me. When I saw him in the hall after 1st period, I smiled and giggled to myself very quietly. My heart dropped, I was so happy, I felt like I was special for once...just one split second...

I had no friends here, he was the first thing in years that has made me smile, in actual contact. I really wanted to talk to him, but I was to nervous to do it. during lunch, I sat alone, daydreaming.

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