Luke's girl.

Brooklyn and Luke, have being best friends for years, will love make them stronger or pull them apart? Will it change them for the best or the worst?


2. two

"Want to watch a movie?" Luke asked climbing back into my room, "yeah sure" I smiled climbing in behind him, I kicked off my Air max and walked over to my wardrobe, I grabbed a pair of sports shorts and a baggy tee, "I'm just going to get a quick shower, pick out a movie" I smiled before turning for my bathroom, I quickly got a shower and after I dried myself and changed I brushed my teeth and quickly ran back into my room where Luke was lying in my bed, looking at netflix, "what about 'teen beach movie'?" I nodded and climbed in beside him, he pressed play and we watched the movie together, I leaned on Luke's shoulder, he moved abit, "you okay?" I asked looking up at him, he pulled his shirt over his head, I placed my head back on his shoulder, soon enough I dozed into a comfortable sleep.

Luke's POV

I finished watching the movie alone, because Brooklyn fell asleep on me, I pulled out my phone and checked the time 11:34 pm. I texted Brooklyn's mom, who was still at my house.

L:Elena, Luke here, mind if I crash here?

E: you know that is perfectly okay Lucas I'll let your mom know!

L: thanks Elena!

I looked down at the beautiful girl lying asleep on my chest, I left my phone down and fell asleep,


I woke up to a warm area, I looked up and seen a sleeping Luke, I carefully slipped out of bed and went into the bathroom, I grabbed the shaving foam and placed some in Luke's hand and tickled his nose with my hair and he destroyed himself in foam, "Brooklyn Jay Lawson, I am going to kill you, I am not even back two days!" "I love you too" I jumped up and ran into the bathroom, shit I left the foam in there. Soon Luke was in the bathroom and destroying me in foam, he finally stopped and I pulled him into a hug destroying him, "okay quits quits" he laughed, and I let go. "Thanks Lukey, now I have to get another shower" "can I get one after you?" "Of course Mr Hemmings, now leave" I laughed and left, I quickly got into the shower, and spent about 5 minutes to do my hair and stuff I jumped out and wrapped a towel around me, I walked into my room, "showers free" I smiled at Luke, he nodded and went in to the bathroom, I went to the wardrobe and pulled out a white crop top and denim jeans I pulled them on and sat infront of my mirror and started to dry my hair, soon Luke emerged from the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist, "theres a pair of your jeans in my wardrobe Luke, just have a root" I smiled then went back to dry the rest of my hair, soon he was dressed and I pulled my hair into a high ponytail, I folded the end of my jeans up and pulled on my air max, and we set over to Luke's house.

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