Luke's girl.

Brooklyn and Luke, have being best friends for years, will love make them stronger or pull them apart? Will it change them for the best or the worst?


3. three

We got to Luke's and I ran straight to Liz and pulled her into a hug, "Liz! I have missed you so much!" "You too princess, how have you been?" "Good good, you?" "Good", we sat down and caught up with each other.

"Hey Brooklyn, want to meet the lads?" "Yeah sure" I smiled, We left Luke's house and walked towards the mall, where we met Cal and Michael, "where's Ashton?" I asked, "with Hannah" Cal replied I nodded, "can we go shopping?" I smiled, "yeah to get you different shoes" Mikey laughed, "Clifford! Don't even start" I said staring at him with my best death glare. "Okay, hit a soft spot" Mikey laughed, we walked over to Forever 21 and I picked up a pair of blue shorts, "no" Calum said shaking his head, then I picked up a pair of denim dungarees, "hell yes" Luke smiled, I picked them up and walked to the counter and paid for them. I left the shop and met the lads who were sitting on a bench waiting for me. "Can we do some man shopping now?" Cal moaned. We shopped for the lads, picking out new outfits, occasionally they had to stop to get pictures with screaming fans. After they had enough clothes, we went into a restaurant in the mall, "So Brookie, what have you been doing with yourself?" Mikey asked, "sorry who is Brookie?" I said seriously, "you" he stuck his tongue out at me. "I have been chilling, you know" I smiled, we talked over eating. Soon enough me and Luke decided to catch a movie. "So what movie?" Luke smiled "That awkward moment, I love Zac Efron!" "Oh don't I know!" He moaned and bought two tickets. We went into the screen, Luke went before the movie started to buy popcorn and drinks, by the time he got back the movie was about to start, I felt his arm around me as he pulled me closer to him, I cuddled into his side, half way through the movie, Luke nudged me, I looked up at him to feel his lips connect with mine, it took me a second to register what was happening, by the time I realised he pulled away, "I-I'm s-orry, forgot that, shit"he mumbled out, "Lucas" I said making him face me, then I pulled his face close to mine and connected our lips again. I pulled away, "you have no idea how long I wanted to do that" Luke smiled at me, "me too Lucas me too" I smiled and cuddled back into his side. When the movie was over Luke walked me home hands intertwined. When we got to my door, he smiled down to me, "I'll call you later" he said before kissing me gently. I nodded before turning to go to my house. "Did I really just see that correctly?" My mom stood at the other side of the door eyebrow raised, I nodded biting my lip. "About time!" She smiled. I laughed and went up to my room to read.

Luke's POV

I walked away from Brooklyn's with the biggest smile on my face, I pulled my phone out and rang Ash, "Ashton my man!" "What are you so happy about Hemmings?" "Oh you know, calling over to chill?" "Be over in ten" I made the rest of the way home quickly and sat on to the couch, waiting on Ashton.

Brooklyn's POV

I went up to my room and quickly changed into a long tee that came half way down my thigh and jumped into bed, I lay in bed reading 'looking for Alaska', when my phone buzzed. Twitter notification, "@Luke5SOS: had an amazing two days catching up with the most amazing best friend anyone could ask for!xx @BrooklynJay" I smiled to myself and tweeted him back, "@BrooklynJay: @Luke5SOS you too Hemmings😄 xx" then my twitter feed blew up. I got like 54 followers in under a minute. A minute!. I put my phone on silent and left it down. Soon I drifted to sleep.

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