Luke's girl.

Brooklyn and Luke, have being best friends for years, will love make them stronger or pull them apart? Will it change them for the best or the worst?


10. ten


We walked hand in hand back to the hotel. "You's took your time!" Ashton moaned from the couch Hannah snuggled to his side. "We went shopping" I laughed, "well I went shopping" Brooklyn laughed, I flopped down on my bed, "where's Cal and Mikey?" I asked, "went to the mall" Hannah smiled. Brooklyn came over and sat on the bed beside me. My phone vibrated I pulled it out


N:just decided with the lads, having a party in Harry's starts at 9:30 hope to see you guys there😄

L: yeah definitely man thanks😄

"Babe, you get to wear your new dress tonight, party in harrys" I smiled at her. "Harry styles?" She asked I nodded.

Brooklyn POV

It's so hard to get ready for a party with four boys, right now Hannah and I were sat on the floor while she curled my hair into tight curls, the lads were running around trying to get dressed, Calum and Ashton fought over who was wearing what shirt, I finished my make up as Hannah finished my hair, I applied red lipstick and stood up and grabbed my dress and shoes and walked into the bathroom. I changed quickly into my dress and stepped into my red wedges. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror, damn I look good.

I walked out and caught the eye of Luke straight away. "You look beautiful" he said coming over and going to placed his lips onto mine, "no!, you'll destroy my lipstick" I laughed walking away. Hannah went into change, she came out in a light blue peplum dress and cream wedges. Her hair straight down past her breasts. Ashton ran up to her and threw her over his shoulder, "Ashton!!!! I'm in a dress!" He put her down.

Soon we set off to Harry's house. We pulled up to a huge house, music blasting. We walked in and Louis welcomed us straight away, "wow Brooklyn, oh wait now and who is this?" Motioning to Hannah, "come till you meet the host" Luke whispered taking my hand. He led us to the curly haired boy, "Hazza!" "Lucas! This beauty must be Brooklyn" "hi, thank you for the invite" I smiled politely "that's perfectly fine, good to see someone minding our Lucas" he smiled. He introduced me to Zayn and Liam, them introductions were brief as they were with their girlfriends at the time, Luke was over talking to some of the lads, I walked over to the table with the drinks and poured myself a vodka and coke, "Luke is very lucky to have a beautiful girl like you" I heard from behind me, I turned to come face to face with the one and only Niall Horan, "why thank you Niall" I smiled at him.

Two hours later

I walked to go talk to Hannah, I looked over to Luke who I haven't seen most of the night was in a group of mostly girls, he had an arm around a pretty blonde girl, with a skin tight short dress on. What the hell. I stayed around a bit longer until I couldn't bare to look at Luke and his group of girls any longer. "Ashton, can you call me a taxi?, I don't feel well and want to go back to bed" I said, "yeah sure, do you maybe want Luke to go with you?" He asked concerned, "no no, I'm okay I just want to sleep, just let him know when I'm gone" I said reassuringly, he nodded and pulled out his phone, I waited outside in the cool air, "you leaving already?" I heard from behind me I turned to see Harry, "yeah I don't feel well, but thank you for the invite" I smiled, "your welcome" my taxi pulled up. I told the man the hotel name and soon we arrived I was really pissed off at Luke for basically ignoring me most of the night. I pulled off my dress and kicked off my shoes, I changed into a long pyjamas And a baggy tee, and got in the bed I wrapped myself in the blanket and lay in bed thinking over how Luke had his arm around that girl and didn't glance my way once, soon I felt the tears slip down my face, what was he like before I came then?

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